The Sinclair quest series is a series of quests involving the Sinclair Mansion, where the player first solves a murder mystery and then tries find out where the Sinclairs have gone.


Murder MysteryEdit

Main article: Murder Mystery

In this quest the player helps the Authorities to uncover who murdered Lord Sinclair. The player explores the house, uncovers clues, and questions the family to find out the answers. After a long series of investigations the player concludes (different for each player) that one of the children of the Sinclair mansion did it. The culprit is locked up in Seers' Village prison.

King's RansomEdit

Main article: King's Ransom

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have disappeared. The members of the Sinclair family, who lived in Sinclair Mansion close to Camelot, also disappeared at the same time. The player agrees to investigate this. Several clues are found in conversations with various persons, and also some items are discovered which vaguely point to the abductor. Anna Sinclair, from the Murder Mystery quest, might know where the Sinclairs, King Arthur and the Knights are, but first she needs the player's help to win her case in the Seers' Village courthouse. She is held there and will receive a guilty verdict in the Sinclair case from Murder Mystery, unless the player helps her. After the player chooses to do so and wins the court case, Anna will lead the player into a trap. Apparently, the Sinclairs have left their house to team up with Morgan Le Faye and the Black Knights. Their plan is to destroy King Arthur and reclaim Camelot. Morgan has also stolen the holy grail. The player will be thrown into an underground jail cell and meet the imprisoned Knights, who will tell that King Arthur has been turned into a granite statue and taken away by the Black Knights. The player needs to free Merlin and the knights from the jail cell, and they will emerge on the ground floor of Keep Le Faye. The player must get the holy grail from the top floor, and rescue King Arthur with the help of Wizard Cromperty from the Black Knights' Fortress. Once the player and King Arthur return to Camelot, the Sinclairs and Morgan are driven out and the quest is completed.


Main LocationsEdit

Rewards for seriesEdit


  • 1,406 Crafting experience
  • 33,000 Defence experience
  • 5,000 Magic experience
  • 5,000 experience in a chosen skill level 50 or higher



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