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Sinclair Mansion

The mansion's garden and gate.

Sinclair Mansion is a large mansion that plays a significant role in the Murder Mystery quest. It can be found by a player by going directly north up the path that leads to Rellekka. Sinclair Mansion is also north of Camelot Castle.

There are 2 nearby Fairy Rings: C•J•R is closest to the mansion, while D•J•R is at the west end. Note that the forest near the first ring has more than one Level 64 Wolf in it.


Sinclair Mansion is the spot of a murder which players can solve by doing the Murder Mystery quest.



A picture of Sinclair Mansion from the map

There are a total of 17 NPCs. These include:


  • 2 Cows (1 dairy cow, and 1 Attackable level 2)
  • 4 Rats (attackable level 2)
  • 3 Chickens (attackable level 1)
  • 1 Guard dog (Non-attackable)




Sinclair garden

The Sinclair garden has respawns of cabbage, wheat, and potatoes

Sinclair kitchen

The barrel of unlimited flour is tucked in the corner of this cozy kitchen.

Though Sinclair Mansion does not have a farming spot it does have cabbage, wheat, and potato respawns, along with a range, dairy churn, dairy cow, chickens, cows, water sources, and a barrel with unlimited amounts of free flour (use an empty pot on the barrel in the kitchen). This makes the location near ideal for up and coming cooks.

For example, by bringing baskets of tomatoes and a pot, one could cook a large quantity of pizza and meat pizzas with everything needed close at hand. Baked potatoes, buttered potatoes, and even cheese potatoes can be made entirely on location with nothing to bring other than a bucket for milking the dairy cow.

Even bringing just a bowl one could make stew until the cows respawn.

The mansion also has one willow tree and a very large number of maple trees just to the west of the mansion for Woodcutting and Firemaking.


The Sinclair Mansion range and the range inside Al Kharid's Kebab Shop (and several other buildings in Al Kharid) are the only bronze ranges in RuneScape, although Al Kharid's Kebab Shop is accessible in F2P.


'Sinclair Mansion" may be a reference to the mansion of Augusteen St. Clair from Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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