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This article is about the shop owner. For the store of the same name, see Sigmund the Merchant.
For the NPC in the Dorgeshuun quest series, see Sigmund.
Sigmund The Merchant
Sigmund the Merchant
Release date 2 November 2004 (Update)
Race Human
Members only Yes
Quest NPC The Fremennik Trials
Location Rellekka market
Sells items Sigmund the Merchant
Gender Male
Examine A Fremennik merchant.
Sigmund The Merchant location
Sigmund The Merchant chathead

Sigmund The Merchant is a merchant in the Rellekka market. His vote must be won to complete The Fremennik Trials, by asking for a flower from the Sailor.

He is the owner and manager of his eponymous shop, Sigmund the Merchant.


  • Sigmund may have two children on Neitiznot, Thakkrad and Bork Sigmundson. Since Fremennik culture traditionally had the child take on their father's name and the suffix "son". Therefore Sigmundson actually means "Sigmund's son", making it possible that the two are his offspring.
  • If the player right-clicks the standard white Candle in the shop interface, one of the purchase options has been replaced. What should read “Buy 5 Candle” instead reads “Buy 4 Candle”. Should this option be selected, the player will receive an object called a Fork handle. The Fork Handle is not tradeable, and no coins are deducted from the player for the transaction. However, the amount of candles in stock will still be reduced by four.

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