Sigli the Huntsman
Sigli the Huntsman
Release date 2 November 2004 (Update)
Race Fremennik
Members Yes
Quest NPC The Fremennik Trials
Location(s) Rellekka
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A Fremennik hunter.
Sigli the Huntsman location
Sigli the Huntsman chathead

Sigli the Huntsman is a hunter in Rellekka and a member of the town council. He is found south of the longhall near the entrance. To win his vote during The Fremennik Trials, you must track down and slay the Draugen. Later, he will trade the tracking map for a custom bowstring as you seek the exotic flower.

If provided the raw materials and some coins, Sigli will make Spined armour:

Armour Special hide Hide(s) Coins
Spined helm 1 circular hide 1 dagannoth hide 5,000
Spined body 1 flattened hide 3 dagannoth hides 10,000
Spined chaps 1 stretched hide 2 dagannoth hides 7,500


  • His name is a play on the word sigil which can sometimes mean an item used to track things including mythical beasts. (e.g. the Draugen).
  • There was a glitch in standard detail when you talk to him about killing chickens, he would remove half of his face. This was fixed on 9 November 2009.