For other uses, see Sigil (disambiguation).

Sigils are equipment worn in the sigil slot. They can be activated for short-term beneficial effects.

Using a sigil puts the slot itself on cooldown, so swapping sigils for multiple effects is not possible.

Sigil Effect Cooldown Obtained from Cost per activation
Sigil of slaying Slaying +10% Slayer experience for 30 seconds. 60s Shattered Worlds 22,500 shattered anima
Aggression sigil Aggression Up to 8 nearby monsters begin attacking the user. 20s
Ferocious sigil Ferocious Instant respawn of Kuradal's Dungeon monsters (killed by the user) for 30 seconds. 60s
Golden touch sigil Golden touch High-alchemises all drops not exceeding the lootbeam value for 60 seconds 120s 1,000 vital sparks 1 vital sparks
Limitless sigil Limitless Thresholds are usable at 15% adrenaline (instead of 50%) for 6 seconds. 90s
Unsullied sigil Unsullied Maintains corruption damage bonus without receiving increased damage for ??? seconds.  ?

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