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For the feature that players can use to travel quickly, see Trapdoor shortcut.
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A player using a shortcut to cross a river

Shortcuts can be found all around Gielinor. By climbing cliff sides, crossing rivers and squeezing through crevices, it is possible to reach a destination more directly than by the alternative route. Nearly all shortcuts require the proper Agility level. There are no guaranteed rewards for using shortcuts, except that they will save you time, but they will sometimes give small amounts of Agility experience. All shortcuts, with the exception of some of the stiles and the Falador shortcut, are P2P, and some require Ranged and Strength levels. Shortcuts can be identified by the (Shortcut map icon) icon on the minimap.

Some agility shortcuts can be failed, with a loss of hit points, which can be a cause of death.

As of 15 February 2011, it is possible to build Hidey-holes to store a crossbow and a grapple at some grapple shortcuts so you will not need to carry one.

List of current shortcuts Edit

Agility level requirement Place Notes
None Stile at Fred the Farmer's sheep field and the stile at Falador cabbage patch. (F2P)

These shortcuts are available to free players, but, obviously, yield them no Agility experience.

5 Falador agility shortcut. (F2P)
8 River Lum / Al Kharid Agility Grapple Shortcut Players must have 8 Agility, 37 Ranged, and 19 Strength.
10 Moss Giant island rope shortcut.
11 Falador North Wall Agility Grapple Shortcut Players must have level 11 Agility, 19 Ranged, and 37 Strength.
12 Karamja Dungeon stepping stone shortcut.
13 Varrock south fence jump.
15 Edgeville Dungeon monkey bar shortcut. Grants 20 Agility experience for each traversal. Can be used to gain up to 12,000 Agility experience per hour, at the risk of being exposed to aggressive monsters and player killers.
16 Yanille agility shortcut.
18 Watchtower wall climb (trellis) shortcut. Grants 31 Agility experience for each climb
19 Grand Tree rock scrabble shortcut.
20 Coal truck mining site log balance.
21 Grand Exchange underwall tunnel shortcut. Grants easier access to Edgeville. Also means access to Grand Exchange is far easier from the nearby fairy ring and canoe. (It is known as 'Varrock agility shortcut' in the game guide.)
22 Karamja Dungeon pipe shortcut.
23 Kalphite King agility shortcut.
25 Eagles' Peak agility shortcut.
26 Falador south wall crawl.
28 Draynor Manor railing shortcut.
29 Oo'glog agility shortcut.
30 South-east Karamja stepping stones shortcut.
31 Draynor Manor stones to Champions' Guild.
32 White Wolf Mountain Agility Grapple Shortcut - Catherby cliff Players must have level 32 Agility, 35 Ranged, and 35 Strength and have completed the Fishing Contest quest to use this shortcut.
33 Ardougne log balance shortcut.
34 Karamja Dungeon pipe shortcut.
36 Obelisk of Water / Taverley Dungeon Agility Grapple Shortcut Players must have level 36 Agility, 39 Ranged, and 22 Strength.
37 Gnome Stronghold shortcut. Players must have spoken to Femi first, and helped her move the boxes.
38 Al Kharid mining pit cliffside scramble This shortcut is at the north end of the mine, and is useful for exiting to go north instead of going all the way around from the southern end.
39 Yanille South Wall Agility Grapple Shortcut Players must have level 39 Agility, 21 Ranged, and 38 Strength.
40 Agilty pyramid cliffside rope. Requires a rope on first passage
41 Trollheim easy cliffside scramble.
42 Dwarven mine narrow crevice.
43 Trollheim medium cliffside scramble.
44 Trollheim advanced cliffside scramble.
45 Isafdar log balance shortcut.
46 Cosmic Temple medium narrow walkway.
47 Trollheim hard cliffside scramble.
48 Log balance to the Fremennik Province.
49 Yanille Dungeon contortion shortcut.
50 Grotworm Lair shortcut
51 Pipe from Edgeville dungeon to Varrock sewers
52 Stepping stones to Taverley Dungeon
53 Musa Point / Southern Karmaja Agility Grapple Shortcut Players must have level 53 Agility, 42 Ranged, 21 Strength.
54 Red Dragon Isle agility shortcut.
58 Port Phasmatys Pool of Slime shortcut.
59 Elven Overpass (Arandar) easy cliffside scramble.
60 Monastery of Ascension statue shortcut.
60 God Wars Dungeon access.
60 God Wars Dungeon escape to the Wilderness.
62 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon narrow crevice.
64 Trollheim Wilderness route.
65 Temple on the Salve to Morytania shortcut.
66 Cosmic Temple advanced narrow walkway.
67 Yanille Dungeon rubble climb shortcut.
68 Elven Overpass (Arandar medium cliffside scramble.
70 Taverley Dungeon pipe squeeze to blue dragon lair.
70 Monastery of Ascension chasm jump shortcut.
70 God Wars Dungeon Saradomin encampment wall climb.
71 Slayer Tower plank crossing.
73 Polypore Dungeon extra access.
74 Shilo Village stepping stones shortcut.
74 Shilo Village northern wall shortcut. Requires completion of Karamja elite tasks
80 Cave crossing south of Dorgesh-Kaan Needs 80 Ranged and 80 Strength
80 Taverley Dungeon spiked blades jump.
80 Monastery of Ascension chasm leap shortcut.
81 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon chasm jump.
85 Elven Overpass (Arandar) advanced cliffside scramble.
86 Kuradal's Dungeon wall climb.
90 Kuradal's Dungeon wall run.
90 Monastery of Ascension extra area access.
92 Port Phasmatys low wall shortcut.
94 Gemstone cavern shortcut
Unknown level Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon / South of Castle Wars - Agility Grapple Shortcut Requires Path of Glouphrie quest completion