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This article is about unnamed keybinds. For those in the interface, see Interface#Controls.

Shortcut keys are keys assigned to perform specific tasks quickly in place of mouse clicks or a longer series of keystrokes. The following keys or key combinations are assigned the following functions.

Key Function
Ctrl When held down and the mouse is clicked on the main screen or in the Minimap window, Run is turned on for that movement only.
Esc Close the quick chat dialogue box and return to the regular game messages.
Tab Reply to last private message.
1,2 Used in the bank interface to load the corresponding quick preset from your bank.
3,4,5 Used in the bank interface to deposit inventory, equipped items and BOB inventory respectively
1-9; 0 Used in character dialog to choose a response.
Space Used in the Make X interface to continue with the default settings or in character dialog to continue.
Y/N Can be used in place of clicking Yes/No for the destroy interface.

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