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The Shop of Distaste is a shop in the Duel Arena, right next to the bank. All they sell is rotten tomatoes, which can be bought from the shopkeeper, Fadli, for one coin each. The rotten tomatoes can be thrown at player characters while they're fighting, but not when they are fighting you. They can only be thrown at people from the sides of the Duel Arena, at people within the arena. The shop also has a counterpart person over at the banking, with whom you can bank, collect, or trade for rotten tomatoes.

Although of limited use, the rotten tomatoes can be used for the quest Recipe for Disaster. It is one of the easier ways to obtain rotten tomatoes, the easiest being buying them from the crate in Varrock.


Shop of Distaste stock

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Rotten tomato Rotten tomato 100 1 1 Not sold Not sold

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