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Classic Runestone
Old School RuneScape icon
For the article about the weapon classification, see Shieldbow (bow type).
Release date 25 March 2002 (Update)
Members? No
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
High alch 48 coins
Low alch 32 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 80 coins
Exchange price 35 coins (info)
Buy limit 5,000
Examine A nice sturdy bow.
Weight 1.8 kg
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Shieldbow detail

The Shieldbow is the weakest shieldbow in RuneScape. Players can obtain this bow for free from Lowe's Archery Emporium in Varrock.

Members can make a shieldbow through the Fletching skill at level 10. First, a player must cut an unstrung shieldbow from logs, granting 10 Fletching experience. Then, the player must string the unstrung shieldbow with a bow string, granting 10 experience.

Like all shieldbows and unlike most other weapons, it incorporates a shield inseparably despite the fact that nothing resembling a shield is involved in its creation. Therefore, it provides armour and life point bonuses, and counts as a shield for Defence abilities, such as Rejuvenate. The attack range of the Shieldbow is 8 spaces.

Combat Stats
Skill requirements
Class Slot
Ranged Ranged 2h slot
Weapons Main Off
Damage 26 -
Accuracy 150 -
Style Arrows
Defence-icon Armour rating30
Constitution-icon Life bonus0
Prayer-icon Prayer bonus0
Style bonuses
Strength-icon0 Ranged-icon0 Magic-icon0
Attack speed
Interval: 3.6 seconds
Attack speed average
Shieldbow equipped
A Player wielding a Shieldbow

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gelatinous Abomination61Common
Giant spider4; 48; 571Uncommon

Store locationsEdit

This item can also be bought or sold at:


  • Before the EoC, all shieldbows used to be longbows. They had a higher Range accuracy bonus and attack range than shortbows, but had a slower attack speed.
  • The shield on the bow appears to be made out of bronze.

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