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Shengo potion (unf) detail

An Shengo potion (unf) (more commonly called an Unfinished Shengo potion) is an unfinished potion made via the Herblore skill during Herblore Habitat. Players make it by using a clean shengo on a juju vial of water.

It is used to make the juju cooking potion at level 67 by adding a plant teeth, earning 152 experience. It is also used to make the juju fishing potion at level 70 by adding a aquatic vine, earning 158 experience.


Shengo potion (unf) Shengo potion (unf)
Herblore-icon-Make-X GE icon
0 XP--
Herblore-icon Herblore level67
P2P icon Members only?Yes
Juju vial of waterJuju vial of water133
Clean shengoClean shengo1N/A-


Level Potion Secondary Ingredient XP Use
67 Juju cooking potion Plant teeth 152 Used to make Juju gumbo.
70 Juju fishing potion Aquatic vine 152 Chance of catching baron sharks while fishing sharks.
Facts about "Shengo potion (unf)"RDF feed
All Is members onlytrue
All Item ID20,001 +
All Release date24 November 2010 +
All Value50 +
All Weight0.056 +
Is members onlytrue
Item ID20,001 +
Made from itemJuju vial of water + and Clean shengo +
Production JSON{ "product": "Shengo potion (unf)", "{ "product": "Shengo potion (unf)", "image": "[[File:Shengo potion (unf).png|link=Shengo potion (unf)]]", "mats": [ { "name": "Juju vial of water", "quantity": "1", "image": "Juju vial of water.png" },{ "name": "Clean shengo", "quantity": "1", "image": "Clean shengo.png" } ], "skill": "Herblore", "level": "67" } "skill": "Herblore", "level": "67" }
Release date24 November 2010 +
Value50 +
Weight0.056 +

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