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Penguin Sheep
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Race Sheep secretly Penguins
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Cold War, Sheep Shearer
Location Lumbridge sheep farm
Sells items? No
Gender Male(s)
Examine Is it a sheep?
Penguin chathead
This sheep, that is actually two penguins dressed as a sheep, appears roaming inside Fred the Farmer's Farm, located in Lumbridge. They are codenamed Paxton and Philbert. It is often confused with normal sheep by new players, and when people try to shear it to obtain wool, it will simply walk away. It is referred to as "The Thing" by Fred.

During the Cold War quest, it is revealed that these two penguins are actually spies of the KGP.

It is also the only sheep outside of Zanaris with the "Talk-to" option, but it will simply give a dismissive response unless you are doing the Cold War quest.

Strangely enough, this "sheep" was part of RuneScape a long time before the Cold War quest was introduced.


  • These penguins were referred to in Postbag from the Hedge 34.[1] The following is a direct excerpt from the letter: "He'll only reassign us if we go mad, and nobody mad would want to be reassigned. We call it Catch Twenty-Tuna." This is a reference to the book, Catch-22. Specifically, it refers to the scene where Yossarian learns that if he continues to fly missions, he would be insane and eligible to request a transfer to a different post. If he submits a request for a transfer, it is determined that he has concerns for his own safety and is therefore sane and ineligible for a transfer.
  • According to Noodle Fideu, the penguins were set up with their costume by Rotini, and they had "ome trubble wi' flyin' yeller amfibians on the walk down", which means that they were mistaken for Sick-looking sheep and someone tried to shoot a yellow toad at them.[2]


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