Sheep may refer to:

  • Lamb, a young black sheep found in Lumbridge
  • Li'l lamb, a young white sheep found in Lumbridge
  • Lumbridge Sheep, a character encountered randomly using the NPC Contact spell
  • Disguised sheep, two penguins in Lumbridge disguised as a sheep
  • Ram, male sheep that, unlike most sheep, can be fought in combat
  • Sheep, a non-player character which can be sheared for wool
  • Sheep (Back to the Freezer), a sheep encountered during Back to the Freezer
  • Sheep (black), a black breed of sheep that features in the Sheep Shearer miniquest
  • Sick-looking sheep, four discoloured sheep involved in the Sheep Herder quest
  • Sheep feed, an item used in the Sheep Herder quest
  • Sheep mask, an item that can be obtained from Treasure Trails
  • Sheep Herder, a quest started in East Ardougne
  • Sheep Shearer, a miniquest started in Lumbridge
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