Bandages (Fist of Guthix)
This is a safe minigame.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.

Shattered Worlds is a combat-oriented members-only minigame in which various monsters from worlds corrupted by the Abyss are fought in waves, with side objectives to complete. It's a solo minigame with safe death, with a recommendation of at least level 40 combat to participate. It is hosted by the Abyssal Knights in the south-west of the Lumbridge Swamp, who aim to protect Gielinor from potential invasions from the Abyss.

Upon visiting the minigame for the first time, speak to Kenton Decarte for a brief explanation about it as well as the purpose of the Abyssal Knights. A bank may be found next to him as well.

Augmented gear and weapons will gain item experience while playing Shattered Worlds.

Travel Edit

The entrance to Shattered Worlds is found in Lumbridge Swamp, next to the Water Altar. It can be accessed by:


Shattered Worlds hub

The Abyssal Knights' headquarters.

The Shattered Worlds are entered alone, in aid of the Abyssal Knights. Upon entering the minigame the match can be set up by selecting the desired gear and food from presets in the match set up interface. Anyone may use the "equip me" and "feed me" options to be given appropriate equipment and food, or one may bring their own equipment and consumables. A choice is also given from three positive buffs with which to start the minigame:

  • Vampyric - heals one slightly in proportion to the damage dealt to enemies.
  • Electric - a chance to deal extra cleave damage.
  • Charged - collect orbs to deal constant damage to nearby enemies, stacks up to 10.
  • Blood money - enemies bleed anima currency when damaged.
  • Feeling pumped - gives a small chance to gain unlimited adrenaline for ten seconds.
  • Power grows - a chance to increase a random combat stat for ten seconds.

The blue portal may then be entered to begin the minigame. Gameplay involves travelling through worlds: at least 75% of the enemies in a world must be defeated before one can move to the red portal to progress to the next world. Moving behind the red portal also blocks the pursuit of the remaining enemies, allowing the player to safely choose the next mutator.

The monsters have no weakness to any particular combat style and their combat levels increase as one progresses through worlds. Difficulty also increases as one fights in higher numbers of worlds by having increasing numbers of mutators applied, some of which may be dangerous. The monsters use a variety of combat styles, though each will only use one, and are abyssal versions of monsters found on RuneScape itself.

Progress is checkpointed every five worlds. Once a checkpoint is reached, one may leave the minigame with the progress being saved: the next time Shattered Worlds is played, the option to either continue from the checkpoint or claim the rewards from a previous encounter will be presented. Checkpoints will also have bank chests to allow restocking, and will heal one's health, but prayer points are not restored, nor is poison cured. The maximum possible number of worlds is 4,000; the developers expected, however, that around 150 worlds would be a difficult number for players to reach. After reaching 200 worlds, no extra rewards for completing additional worlds will be received.

There are weekly bronze, silver, and gold challenges which will be the same for everyone. The bronze ones are usually fairly easy to complete, whereas the gold challenges are substantially more difficult. They are accessed through the red portal. Some challenges however, involve achievements accomplished through normal gameplay (e.g. "clear five worlds above world 20" or "kill 50 demons") - these cannot be started using the red portal, but are tracked and completed during regular Shattered Worlds games.

If one manages to complete a world fast enough, the next world will be skipped automatically (announced in the chatbox) upon entering the red portal.

Feed meEdit

When opting for the option "feed me" the player will receive food appropriate for their level.

Equip meEdit

When opting for the option "equip me" the player will receive equipment appropriate for their level. Players can also choose the combat style.

Tier 1Edit

Players with a level between 1 and 9 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 10Edit

Players with a level between 10 and 19 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 20Edit

Players with a level between 20 and 29 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 30Edit

Players with a level between 30 and 39 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 40Edit

Players with a level between 40 and 49 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 50Edit

Players with a level between 50 and 59 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 60Edit

Players with level 60 or higher in the noted skill will receive the following:

Side objectivesEdit

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Players may encounter a chest which can be activated. When activated a timer will start and monsters will spawn and the player can attempt to kill as many of the creatures as possible. When the timer is full, the player is awarded shattered anima based on how many creatures are killed.


Players may encounter a fountain surrounded by eight ghosts. If the fountain is activated a timer will start during which the player can attempt to kill as many of the ghosts as possible. When the timer is full, the player is awarded shattered anima based on how many are killed.

Ghosts count towards the goal of killing 75% of the monsters on the shattered world.


Sometimes a Goebie will be found, which when killed gives a chunk of shattered anima.


Players can encounter a shield which can be destroyed. After destruction, an ancient relic is found. This can be sacrificed on one of the three altars in the same map. The three altars are: The Altar of Boosted Anima, the Altar of Restoration, The Altar of Instant Anima.


Image Name Type Description
Blood Money mutator Blood Money Positive Enemies bleed anima currency when you damage them.
Catastrophe mutator Catastrophe Negative Evil Bob is hunting you down to feast on your summoning points, your prayer points and then your run energy! Leg it! [m 1]
Charged mutator Charged Positive Collect electric orbs to deal AoE damage to enemies. Damage dealt is increased with more charges. [m 2]
Combustion mutator Combustion Negative Some enemies will spawn patches of fire around them. Don't get burned!
Die Together mutator Die Together Negative Some enemies are now linked by the power of friendship. They must both be below 10% life points before they can die.
Electric mutator Electric Positive Attacking an enemy has a chance to trigger an electric surge, dealing damage and jumping to nearby enemies.
Explosive mutator Explosive Neutral Enemies explode on death, dealing damage to everything around them.
Feeling Pumped mutator Feeling pumped Positive You have a small chance on hit to feel EPIC, gaining unlimited adrenaline for the next 10 seconds.
Freezing mutator Freezing Negative Some enemies will spawn freezing balls around them, get caught and you'll get frozen! [m 3]
Honourable mutator Honourable Neutral You deal more damage to adjacent enemies and take more damage from enemies at range.
Hungry mutator Hungry Negative Food heals for half the normal amount.
Hydra mutator Hydra Negative Killing some enemies will cause them to erupt into smaller versions of themselves! [m 4]
Laser Lodestones Laser Lodestones Neutral Unstable crystal shards appear around the world. Touch them to create barriers between them that will harm you and the enemy.
Leeching mutator Leeching Negative Your opponents will heal a small amount of life each time they damage you.
Power grows mutator Power Grows Positive Killing an enemy has a chance to buff some of your stats!
Protect Protect Negative Some enemies are now protecting others, the protected enemies cannot be harmed until their protector has died.
Rockfall mutator Rockfall Negative Some enemies will spawn rockfalls around them, don't get crushed!
Static mutator Static Negative The longer you stand still, the more damage you'll take! Simples![m 5]
Unstable Rifts mutator Unstable Rifts Neutral Rifts appear around the world which will teleport you to other rifts. [m 6]
Vampyric mutator Vampyric Positive You will heal a small amount of life each time you damage an enemy.
Volcanic mutator Volcanic Negative Some enemies will spawn volcanic eruptions around them.
Zombie apocalypse mutator Zombie Apocalypse Negative Defeating an enemy can summon a terrifying undead brood.[m 7]
Zone of Restoration mutator Zone of Restoration Positive Conjures zones of restoration. They will restore your summoning points, then your prayer points, and then your life points.
Zone of Suffering mutator Zone of Suffering Negative Conjures zones of suffering. They will deplete your summoning points, then your prayer points and then your life points.
  1. ^ Evil Bob will spawn with you at the blue portal, cannot be trapped.
  2. ^ Capped at 10 charges for 30 seconds
  3. ^ Freeze is a stun effect
  4. ^ Spawned smaller versions have the same combat level as the original
  5. ^ Caps at 20 stacks (+200% damage taken)
  6. ^ Random teleports happen immediately without warning
  7. ^ Spawn several undead chickens, which will wander around for a few seconds before exploding for some damage


  • Enemies currently affected by one negative mutator capable of spawning environmental effects which can harm you will be presented with a teal skull symbol over their head:Single mutator skull
  • Enemies currently affected by two negative mutators capable of spawning environmental effects which can harm you will be presented with an orange skull symbol over their head:Multiple mutator skull
  • Enemies currently affected by more than two negative mutators capable of spawning environmental effects which can harm you will be presented with a red skull symbol over their head:

Strategy guideEdit


For low worlds (w1-50), the player should aim for clearing the world as fast as possible in order to skip a world. The chicken from "feed me" is usually sufficient. Any combat style is suitable, but AoE abilities such as Hurricane and Quake is preferred.

For medium worlds (w51-100), enemies will have over 100 combat level and negative mutators will also hit harder. The player may consider switch from melee to magic or ranged, in order to reduce damage taken from negative mutators. The food from "feed me" should still be sufficient.

For high worlds (w101-150), directly engaging a group of enemies will be difficult, due to high incoming damage. Hit once with Corruption Blast or Corruption Shot (can be bought from GE with Mazcab ability codex) and run back to a safespot is a safer option. If possible, aim for a melee monster to cast corruption blast/shot, which may cause the melee mob to retreat and spread to more mobs for damage.

For extremely high worlds (w151-200), using weapons with long attack range such as Noxious Longbow to snipe from a distance is recommended. Pay careful attention to your surroundings and the terrain of the environment to look for safe-spots - use the edges of the map or obstacles often helps. Use abilities for their effects like Rapid Fire and its guaranteed binding; Devotion and its guaranteed damage mitigation. Prioritize mutators in this order: Feeling Pumped > Explosive > Zones of Restoration > Vampyrism > Electric.

For insanely high worlds (w201+), bring 5 Achto armour pieces and a tier 90 defender. Using Rejuvenate to heal expecting resets to come soon to heal again when needed. At this high of worlds the monsters defense are insanely high most of your DPS will be from Reflect damage and weapon poison damage. It's recommended to bring equipment that will guarantee hit such as god books, dark magic aura, ancestral spirit, berserker/accuracy auras.

It is recommended to bring any variation of Prayer renewal such as Holy overload potion or Supreme overload salves for prayer restoration. Defensive items such as Superior leviathan ring and Blood amulets can help to increase survival.


For mutators, Unstable rifts and Hydra should be avoided; especially Unstable rifts due to the teleport effect is random and cannot be avoided, which often get warped into the middle of new packs of enemies.

The suggested order of selection are as follows:

Priority Mutator Description
1. Zone of Restoration mutator Zone of restoration is the most powerful healing buff available.
2. Vampyric mutatorElectric mutatorCharged mutatorFeeling Pumped mutator Feeling pumped's free adrenaline and Vampyric's leech effect are generally helpful.

Electric and Charged both directly increase your damage but Charged will become harder to maintain on higher floors.

3. Blood Money mutatorPower grows mutatorLaser Lodestones These mutators do not have any negative effects, despite that the buff may not be as useful as the mutators above.
4. Zombie apocalypse mutatorVolcanic mutatorRockfall mutatorCombustion mutatorFreezing mutator These are negative mutators, but all have visual warnings to avoid and have limited range.

Zombie Apocalypse is the least harmful due to the undead chickens will wander for a few seconds before exploding. Freezing is slightly more dangerous as it is a stun.

5. Leeching mutatorProtectDie Together mutator These mutators make packs of monsters harder to kill off.
6. Zone of Suffering mutator|Catastrophe mutator These mutators drain your prayer points.

The Catastrophe effect is permanent and cannot be dodged, making Soul Split harder to maintain with prayer renewal.

7. Explosive mutatorHonourable mutatorStatic mutator These mutators significantly increase the damage we take.

Explosive is generally the least harmful of the three as it affects melee range only. Explosive also damage other nearby enemies, can be taken if confident with trapping and snaring melee monsters.

8. Hydra mutatorUnstable Rifts mutator These mutators are deadly and should be avoided and opt for the 3rd option.

Challenge modeEdit

Shattered Worlds challenge

Completing a challenge involving many environmental dangers.

Each week there are three challenges to complete. These can be attempted by entering the red challenger portal. There are three categories, according to their difficulty. Completing these weekly challenges rewards large amounts shattered anima. Some challenges involve killing a certain number of a certain type of monster or clearing a number of worlds above a certain threshold; these are to be completed through regular gameplay via the blue portal.

Challenges reset at 00:00 UTC every Wednesday.

Current Weekly Challenges
Challenge type Title Task Reward
Bronze Frostburn Clear this world using the Frostburn Mutators. 250,000 shattered anima
Silver Hella Mental Defeat 50 elementals with the Hella Mental Mutators. 1,000,000 shattered anima
Gold Master Adventurer Clear 2 worlds over world 80. 7,500,000 shattered anima

Bonus shattered animaEdit

Bonus shattered anima is awarded upon reaching a new highest world. The amount of anima that is awarded increases with each new world that is reached for the first time. Even if the player manages to skip a world, the bonus anima is still awarded. The amount of bonus anima rewarded for each world and the cumulative bonus anima are given by the following formula (W = highest world reached):

\text{Bonus anima} = (W - 1)^2 \times 100

\text{Cumulative bonus anima} = \displaystyle\sum_{n=1}^{W} (n-1)^2 \times 100 =\frac{50}{3} \times (2W^3 - 3W^2 + W)

World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima
1 0 21 40,000 41 160,000 61 360,000 81 640,000 101 1,000,000 121 1,440,000 141 1,960,000 161 2,560,000 181 3,240,000
2 100 22 44,100 42 168,100 62 372,100 82 656,100 102 1,020,100 122 1,464,100 142 1,988,100 162 2,592,100 182 3,276,100
3 400 23 48,400 43 176,400 63 384,400 83 672,400 103 1,040,400 123 1,488,400 143 2,016,400 163 2,624,400 183 3,312,400
4 900 24 52,900 44 184,900 64 396,900 84 688,900 104 1,060,900 124 1,512,900 144 2,044,900 164 2,656,900 184 3,348,900
5 1,600 25 57,600 45 193,600 65 409,600 85 705,600 105 1,081,600 125 1,537,600 145 2,073,600 165 2,689,600 185 3,385,600
6 2,500 26 62,500 46 202,500 66 422,500 86 722,500 106 1,102,500 126 1,562,500 146 2,102,500 166 2,722,500 186 3,422,500
7 3,600 27 67,600 47 211,600 67 435,600 87 739,600 107 1,123,600 127 1,587,600 147 2,131,600 167 2,755,600 187 3,459,600
8 4,900 28 72,900 48 220,900 68 448,900 88 756,900 108 1,144,900 128 1,612,900 148 2,160,900 168 2,788,900 188 3,496,900
9 6,400 29 78,400 49 230,400 69 462,400 89 774,400 109 1,166,400 129 1,638,400 149 2,190,400 169 2,822,400 189 3,534,400
10 8,100 30 84,100 50 240,100 70 476,100 90 792,100 110 1,188,100 130 1,664,100 150 2,220,100 170 2,856,100 190 3,572,100
11 10,000 31 90,000 51 250,000 71 490,000 91 810,000 111 1,210,000 131 1,690,000 151 2,250,000 171 2,890,000 191 3,610,000
12 12,100 32 96,100 52 260,100 72 504,100 92 828,100 112 1,232,100 132 1,716,100 152 2,280,100 172 2,924,100 192 3,648,100
13 14,400 33 102,400 53 270,400 73 518,400 93 846,400 113 1,254,400 133 1,742,400 153 2,310,400 173 2,958,400 193 3,686,400
14 16,900 34 108,900 54 280,900 74 532,900 94 864,900 114 1,276,900 134 1,768,900 154 2,340,900 174 2,992,900 194 3,724,900
15 19,600 35 115,600 55 291,600 75 547,600 95 883,600 115 1,299,600 135 1,795,600 155 2,371,600 175 3,027,600 195 3,763,600
16 22,500 36 122,500 56 302,500 76 562,500 96 902,500 116 1,322,500 136 1,822,500 156 2,402,500 176 3,062,500 196 3,802,500
17 25,600 37 129,600 57 313,600 77 577,600 97 921,600 117 1,345,600 137 1,849,600 157 2,433,600 177 3,097,600 197 3,841,600
18 28,900 38 136,900 58 324,900 78 592,900 98 940,900 118 1,368,900 138 1,876,900 158 2,464,900 178 3,132,900 198 3,880,900
19 32,400 39 144,400 59 336,400 79 608,400 99 960,400 119 1,392,400 139 1,904,400 159 2,496,400 179 3,168,400 199 3,920,400
20 36,100 40 152,100 60 348,100 80 624,100 100 980,100 120 1,416,100 140 1,932,100 160 2,528,100 180 3,204,100 200 3,960,100
247,000 2,054,000 7,021,000 16,748,000 32,835,000 56,882,000 90,489,000 135,256,000 192,783,000 264,670,000

There are no further one-time bonuses in the worlds following world 200. Combat XP per monster drops from high 4K's to ~50 XP/monster starting with world 116+.


Shattered Worlds checkpoint

A checkpoint containing a bank and a rewards chest

The reward currency for completing Shattered Worlds is shattered anima. Shattered anima is dropped when monsters are defeated and is automatically collected in the player's inventory. It is also awarded from reaching new highest worlds as seen above.

Music tracksEdit



  • The examine texts of the red portal and blue portals within the Shattered Worlds reference the red and blue pill from The Matrix.
  • The description for the Feeling Pumped buff references the "feel EPIC" line from the Money Supermarket adverts.
  • The description for the Static debuff references the "Simples!" line of the Compare the Market ad campaign.
  • It was originally planned for release in August 2016, however its release was pushed back to 2 May 2017.[source needed]
  • Stardust Crusade may be a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.


  • Upon the minigame's release, players that died while fighting certain bosses in RuneScape such as Telos, the Warden and Araxxi would be teleported to Shattered Worlds' checkpoint world instead of their respawn point, keeping all their items but losing any streaks they may have had. This has since been fixed.
  • It was possible to enter a portal to the checkpoint world while taking damage, which would result in the damage being taken once in the world. If this happened, it resulted in an unsafe death. This has since been fixed.


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