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Shattered Heart is a Distraction and Diversion centred on collecting strange and golden rocks. It was first mentioned on 12 February 2010 in the developer blog "A History of Non-violence," and released on 3 March 2010. Golden rocks were released with the opening of Prifddinas on 22 September 2014.


Plinth 15

How Dahmaroc used to be.

The Shattered Heart distraction and diversion is focused upon obtaining two Strange rocks for each of the non combat related skills. These are acquired simply by training those skills and will randomly appear in your inventory. The chance to get the second rock for a skill is reduced if the last rock obtained was also from the same skill. When both rocks of any particular skill have been obtained they can be used on the statue plinth in the Varrock Museum for a reward of experience in that skill and a part of a statue for one's player-owned house if the whole statue is completed. Though both rocks in a pair are identical, they do not stack in the bank.

The statue to which one adds rocks in the Museum is that of Dahmaroc. He was a mage in the Second Age, when runes were quite rare. Runecrafting wasn't yet discovered, so mages had to use what Guthix supplied Gielinor with. Battles were fought about everywhere, and some remaining artefacts can be found while skilling, in the form of Strange rocks. Dahmaroc was a scholar and a skilled crafter and was cursed and killed while seeking runestones.

When his statue is rebuilt, Dahmaroc becomes alive for a moment, after which the curse makes the statue fragile and crumble, allowing the player to build a new one.


Only members can find the rocks. There are no minimum level requirements. Players must wait one week after finishing the statue before they can finish the statue again.

Getting startedEdit

Since a total of 30 Strange rocks are required to complete a statue once, it is advisable to go to Barnabus Hurma, who gives you a statue collection bag to store your strange rocks thus freeing up space in your Bank or inventory.

Players occasionally receive a strange rock while training non-combat skills. You get two rocks, an identical pair, from each non-combat skill released before March 2010 (no Divination, Dungeoneering and Invention). Players can go to the Varrock Museum to add the pairs of rock to an incomplete statue plinth located south of the Museum entrance on the ground floor. Every time you add a pair of rocks, you gain experience in the same non-combat skill. After adding 30 rocks, the statue is complete, but it immediately explodes in a cut scene and you start again.

Each time the statue explodes, you get a special rock (a Replica statue piece) for building a replica statue in your own player-owned house (POH). This also needs 15 pairs of rocks to complete, meaning after 30 exploding statues, requiring 900 strange rocks in total, the game is complete. That makes this Distraction and Diversion unique, in that it can be finished. A statue may be completed once per week, meaning it takes a minimum of 30 weeks to complete the POH replica. (Note: technically it is only the POH replica statue that is completed after 30 weeks; the activity continues with strange rocks being acquired and experience being given for placing pairs in the museum, even after the POH replica has been completed.) Should you wish so, a Varrock Museum archaeologist can stop you from receiving strange rocks. This is ill advised, however, as you'll be missing out on free experience for completing additional statues. You can also start receiving the rocks again by simply speaking to one of the archaeologists again.

Some examples of pairing skills include: using a furnace for both Smithing and Crafting, "bank skills" such as Herblore and Fletching, or Hunter and Fishing at Piscatoris (however, because monkfish give such a high chance of rocks, it can be easier to just get both fishing rocks back-to-back as a break in between getting the hunter rocks.) Each player will find that different methods work for them, so it's a good idea to find out what activities you like to do to gather your rocks, then pair up skills which are trained in similar locations.

Rocks can potentially replace the item that the player was acquiring with the skill activity. A message such as "Something odd happens to the (insert item name here) and you are left with a strange rock." will appear. To prevent this, players can turn off the Shattered Heart feature entirely (by asking a museum archaeologist) or players can make sure to simply have enough space for an extra Shattered Heart rock in their inventory. The statue collection bag also prevents this by adding the rocks straight into the bag (giving the message "You find a strange rock and add it to your bag.").

Rocks can be an excellent way of obtaining experience. If you only undertake an activity for the time required to obtain the two rocks, in many skills you may get more experience reward from the rocks than you have got from the time spent on the activity itself. This is especially useful on "slow" skills, e.g. Runecrafting, where (at approx skill level 70) it is possible to obtain 5000 experience from the rocks gained from the time taken to earn 500 experience actually runecrafting (death runes at 10 experience each). On the other hand, with skills that have a high experience per chance this situation can be reversed. For instance, at skill level 70 hunting it is quite possible to have to earn 25,000-50,000 experience (say hunting Carnivorous Chinchompas at 265 experience each) in order to get the 5000 experience rocks.

Starting and stoppingEdit

If you do not wish to play the D&D, simply destroying the strange rock will only cause it to appear again later. To prevent rocks appearing altogether, the distraction must be switched off. Talk to any one of the archaeologists in Varrock Museum (the six workers sitting at desks at the south on the ground floor). To switch on again talk again to the archaeologists at any time.

Hints and tipsEdit

The reason this Distraction and Diversion was created was to add a little reward for players training their non-combat skills, so for those people who think of Shattered Heart in that way it is better to continue training their skills as normal rather than quickly making low experience items. However, many activities that are valid training methods never have a chance of a rock (for instance fishing with any sort of rod or stringing bows). Also some "power training" techniques, while delivering large XP, actually give comparatively few chances at a rock (for instance, farming trees). It is also best to alternate between skills upon getting the strange rocks, as continuing in the same skill for the second rock has a reduced chance to yield a rock.

To maximise the chance of getting strange rocks when training a skill, it is recommended to try the method that performs actions the fastest: for example, big net fishing gains strange rocks faster than lobster caging because you yield more fish per hour. Failing to catch something may also yield you a strange rock. You can obtain strange rocks from Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining while gaining approval rating for Managing Miscellania. However, these activities cannot be continued on Miscellania once you reach 100% approval.

For people who wish to complete the replica statue as quickly as possible, and for those who do not wish to spend time training a particular skill (for example, those who have level 99 in a skill and do not wish to devote time to further training) it may be more prudent to keep a store of cheap, low level items (willow logs, gold bars, uncooked shrimp, guam leaf and eye of newt, etc.) to quickly and efficiently obtain strange rocks without devoting undue time to the skill in question.

Some activities can be done together or sequentially linked. Possible combinations are fishing/cooking, farming (herbs)/herblore, mining/smithing (gold ore)/crafting, woodcutting/firemaking, and woodcutting/fletching.

You can link more than two activities. Fishing, then cutting a log, lighting it, and then cooking your catch gives you chances at four different rocks.

Minimise your trips to bank items. It may be quicker to eat your (low value!) cooked fish than run to the bank.

Activity doubling effects from Tasks rewards (double ore smithing with Varrock armour or double pickpocketing with high Agility, etc.) give you two chances at a rock and this appears to be how people have reported getting two rocks with a single action.

Best methodsEdit

Here is a schedule for getting all the rocks the fastest and cheapest way.

Skill Location Teleports What to do Inventory Equipment
1 Farming Falador, Port Phasmatys, Ardougne, Camelot Ectophial, Camelot teleport, Explorer's ring 4, Skills necklace, Ardougne cloak 3 (4) Harvesting Avantoe and Potatoes Spade, Seed dibber, 4 Avantoe seed, 24 Potato seeds, Supercompost Explorer's ring 4, Ardougne cloak 3, Skills necklace, Falador shield 3 (4), Magic secateurs
2 Crafting Lumbridge Castle Lumbridge Teleport Spinning Flax into Bowstrings 27 Flax Seer's headband 2 or above (optional)
3 Fletching Varrock Varrock Teleport Fletching the best bow you can Knife (on the tool belt), 27 logs None
4 Herblore Varrock Varrock Teleport Cleaning Grimy guam 27 Grimy guam None
5 Smithing Varrock Varrock Teleport Smithing Iron knives 27 Iron bars Varrock armour, Golden hammer or a hammer on the tool belt
6 Woodcutting Varrock Varrock Teleport Woodcutting Ivy None Dragon hatchet (or any other hatchet)
7 Cooking Cooking Guild Varrock Teleport Cooking raw tuna 27 Raw tuna Cooking gauntlets, Varrock armour 3, Chef's hat
8 Hunter Piscatoris Hunter area Fairy Ring (AKQ), Eagles' Peak lodestone and Kathy Corkat Hunting with a falcon 500 coins No weapon, shield or gloves. Bonecrusher.
9 Fishing Piscatoris Fairy Ring (AKQ) Fishing Monkfish Small fishing net or Small cast net None
10 Mining Yanille Watchtower Teleport Mining Pure essence 4 pouches Dragon pickaxe (or any other pickaxe)
11 Firemaking Yanille Watchtower Teleport Burning Maple logs Tinderbox (on the tool belt), 28 Maple logs Ring of fire, Flame gloves, firemaking ring
12 Construction Player-Owned House House Teleport Constructing Oak chairs in parlour. Cheapest is building clay fireplace for free with nearby clay rocks. Saw, Hammer, Oak planks None
13 Agility The Empty Throne Room Digsite pendant Cycling on an Auto-cycle None None
14 Thieving Draynor Village Amulet of glory/Explorer's ring Pickpocketing Master Farmer Some food Bow without ammo, Gloves of silence, Ardougne cloak 3, 4
15 Runecrafting Runespan Wicked hood (right-click teleport) Siphoning creatures or nodes None None

Other methods available for each skill are as follows.

Skill / Rock Action Quickest/Most Efficient
Agility / Strange rock (Agility)
Completion of the following courses: Tree Gnome agility Stronghold course (basic or advanced), Agility Pyramid course, Barbarian Outpost course (basic or advanced), Ape Atoll course, Wilderness course, Werewolf course (must return the stick), Bandos' Throne Room course, Dorgesh-Kaan course, Hefin Agility Course, Brimhaven Agility Arena (one chance per 10 tickets), Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza (Agility performance)

Cycling on Auto-cycles in The Empty Throne Room.

Cycling on an Auto-cycle in The Empty Throne Room is by far the fastest way to obtain strange rocks.
Construction / Strange rock (Construction)
Any Construction activity (in regular or building mode) that would garner Construction experience (building furniture, making flatpacks) while in a player-owned house. Players can still obtain strange rocks while making flatpacks even if there are visitors over. Prior to 4 August 2010, these rocks would randomly appear on the ground next to the entrance portal of the player's house if the player was not in building mode (this no longer works). Building limestone fireplaces and oak chair flatpacks gives strange rocks most quickly and for comparatively low cost, at 490 and 1,142 coins, respectively (assuming items are bought from the Grand Exchange). Oak lecterns only require one plank, but cannot be made as a flatpack. Flatpacks can also be traded in with Advisor Ghrim once all of the Hard Rellekka tasks have been completed, allowing some of the loss to be recouped.
Cooking / Strange rock (Cooking)
Cooking fish on a range or fire or training at a Cooking plot in a Clan Citadel Strange rocks can be obtained by attempting to cook any kind of fish on a cooking range or a fire, even if it burns. Shrimps are a good choice as they are cheap and you will stop burning them at level 33. By tying this into the fishing activity, chefs can cook whatever they have fished. To minimise burning, use cooking gauntlets if you have them available and use cooking ranges instead of fires. The cooking range in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle has the lowest burn rate of all, but is not as convenient for a bank as Catherby (or the Cooking Guild for those with Varrock armour 3) and so is slightly slower overall. If you have no chance of burning the fish you are cooking, the permanent fire in the Rogues' Den is useful as the bank is only a few steps away.
Crafting / Strange rock (Crafting)
Making gold jewellery; making items from leather, dragonhide; Adding steel studs to leather bodies; making or blowing molten glass; making empty Potion flasks from Robust glass; adding orbs to battlestaves; throwing clay on a potter's wheel (but not firing clay); training at a Crafting plot in a Clan Citadel. Making glass via Superglass Make does not work. Making gold rings, gold bracelets or leather coifs. High Level Alchemy can be cast on Bracelets for the largest return, but if you are not interested in the Magic experience then use the Grand Exchange to sell quickly, or sell them to the rogue by the Varrock east bank. Items made from a Gold bar are currently the least expensive per "chance" at a rock, and, depending on fluctuations in the prices, can even turn a profit. Another option is to spin flax in Seers' Village with a Seer's headband 2 or better, as this is quick and profitable.
Farming / Strange rock (Farming)
Planting and Harvesting vegetables, hops, herbs, flowers; checking the health of trees; harvesting berries or fruit from bushes or trees you've grown (Cactus spine unknown); planting seeds or saplings; digging up tree stumps; clearing weeds. Allotments and hops are faster than herbs, flowers, etc. Tomato and sweetcorn seeds yield the greatest number of chances of a rock per harvest at a reasonable price. If available, White lilies will stop the chance of the vegetables dying, but this stops you planting flowers as well on each visit to the allotment. If you are going to plant vegetables, you may as well plant herbs at the same time, although they grow slower so you can do two or more vegetable visits for one herb crop. Use baskets or sacks, or note your crops with the leprechaun. Also, be sure to use Supercompost and equip Magic secateurs for a 10% crop boost (including Herbs).
Fishing / Strange rock (Fishing)
Fishing with any net or cage. Fishing with a net or harpoon during Managing Miscellania. Fishing with any harpoon. Barbarian barehand fishing. Barbarian Fishing.

Fishing in the Port district of Menaphos does not work.

Monkfish give good experience and produce rocks, and used to reliably produce two rocks within one or two loads - though during an unknown update, Jagex significantly reduced this rate. Crayfish are extremely quick to catch and therefore offer the fastest chances per full inventory. Fishing with a big net in Catherby is also quite fast. It is now also possible to get rocks if you fish rocktails/cavefish. You can also now get rocks by harpooning fish, but this is considerably slower. It is also possible to get strange rocks by Barbarian Fishing, this is recommended as you catch fish quite frequently.
Fletching / Strange rock (Fletching)
Making unstrung bows or crossbow stocks. (A beaver familiar works as well.) Making sagaies from straight roots in the Jadinko Lair. Making Blisterwood weapons. Any unstrung bow works and are all the same speed. If you want to string them (double the experience but no chance of a rock) you can make a small profit with Maple or Yew longbows otherwise Willow longbow (u) are the least cost for a rock. Cutting Maple logs into a Maple longbow (u) is generally profitable.
Firemaking / Strange rock (Firemaking)
Lighting a fire using any logs with a tinderbox (Barbarian firemaking does not seem to work.); burning any type of shade during the Shades of Mort'ton minigame; burning curly roots in the Jadinko Lair; training at a Firemaking plot in a Clan Citadel; Using logs on a Bonfire. Willow logs seem to produce rocks faster than Maple logs, and are also cheaper. You could burn whatever you obtain while woodcutting to save banking. Using familiars to light logs does not work, nor does barbarian firemaking.
Herblore / Strange rock (Herblore)
Cleaning herbs, adding herbs to normal and juju vials of water, and combining unfinished potions with secondary ingredients (includes extreme potions). Barbarian potions, tar type ammunition and Guthix Balance Potion do not produce rocks. Juju herbs and potions also produce rocks. Adding secondary ingredients to most unfinished (unf.) potions. It is recommended you combine this with the farming activity, since herb seeds are often much cheaper than the grown herbs. Cleaning grimy herbs gives rocks, which makes this the only profitable way to get herb rocks. Do note however that you need to have at least one free inventory slot (or a statue collection bag in your inventory) in order to have a chance to receive a rock. Even so, at 27 chances of a rock per inventory, this also faster than combining secondary ingredients, at 14 chances per inventory. Grimy marrentill is the cheapest option for cleaning herbs, at 412 coins each, but the clean counterparts sell for less, so some small losses may be incurred. On the other hand, Guam is slightly more expensive and harder to buy, but can turn a profit from cleaning.
Hunter / Strange rock (Hunter)
Checking box (including Marasamaw plants from Herblore Habitat), practicing falconry, pitfall trapping, deadfall trapping, noosing kebbits or jadinkos, catching Charm sprites, Big Chinchompa Box trapping Penguins, grey or Red chinchompas, Pawya/Grenwalls, Polar Kebbits (using Big Chinchompa Polar Kebbit Quota tickets), Falconry. (Failed falconry and box trap catches may also yield a rock.) While you would think that setting four or five traps at once should be quicker than a one-at-a-time activity like falconry, falconry seems to have a higher chance of success of catching something, that makes it worth considering, also it appears to be a relatively fast way to obtain rocks. Chinchompas stack and do not require bait, negating the need to regularly bank, which makes them possibly the best, however, doing falconry, then dropping the collected items is possibly still the fastest. Box trapping polar kebbits (particularly if using Signs of the porter) is another viable way, particularly for those also interested in the furs as a Summoning ingredient. Hunting imps with magic boxes does give rocks. Snaring birds and net trapping does not yield rocks.
Mining / Strange rock (Mining)
Mining ore, coal, Desert Quarry rocks, clay, pure essence, gems, 'Perfect' gold ore; mining in the Living Rock Caverns (coal and gold); mining during Managing Miscellania; mining in the Lava Flow Mine; training at a Mining plot in a Clan Citadel. Mining Shooting Stars does not yield rocks. Since mining Pure essence (or Rune essence) is one click and very quick, this is much faster than any other mining activity. Using Rune pouches and an Abyssal Beast of Burden for the quickest rock activity of all. Access from the Magic Guild in Yanille is closest to a bank, but there is a door and Varrock east bank, while further from the teleport, can be a single click. For more experience, mine Coal at the Coal trucks. Seer's headband (3 or 4 are best) and use a Beast of Burden familiar to help unload at Seers' Village. Mining Coal and Gold ore in the Living Rock Caverns also works for those with higher Mining levels, but involves some risk due to aggressive Living rock creatures dwelling within.
Runecrafting / Strange rock (Runecrafting)
Binding runes. (Includes the Ourania Runecrafting Altar and runecrafting during The Great Orb Project and the Runespan). Crafting runes at the Ourania Runecrafting Altar on world 36 gives good experience, and is a decently fast method for getting rocks. The chance of receiving a Runecrafting rock is based on Essence used, not which runes are crafted. As a result, it is entirely possible (albeit rare) to receive both rocks in one click. Double runes do affect the chances of getting a rock. Use runecrafting pouches to increase the number of chances per run. Another possible method is to use a Wicked hood to teleport to an altar and withdraw essence from it, allowing for at least 4 inventories of runes without leaving the altar.
Smithing / Strange rock (Smithing)
Smelting normal ores or smithing items from normal bars; making cannonballs; forging items on anvil (though rarer); training at a Smithing plot in a Clan Citadel. For smelting, Iron ore with a Ring of forging yields 28 "chances" per inventory, as does Gold ore. For smithing, Iron throwing knives are economical as they can be sold at minimal loss. If the rock is gained from the first bar when doing knives or bolts, one will be converted to a rock as you still have a full inventory. From 13 May 2010 you can get rocks from smithing cannonballs. Smithing Bronze claws can also be a good option as Bronze bars are not very expensive, and the subsequent produce can be used in the summoning skill, or sometimes even sold for profit.
Thieving / Strange rock (Thieving)
Pickpocketing NPC's pockets, stealing from chests and stalls. Attempting to pickpocket Men/Women, Guards, Knights of Ardougne or Master Farmers. You can still receive a rock if the attempt is unsuccessful. For fastest rocks, pickpocket the lowest NPCs for the greatest chance of success (and least damage if you fail). Wear Gloves of silence and an Ardougne cloak (if pickpocketing in Ardougne, or if you have the Ardougne cloak 3 or 4, pickpocketing anywhere). Thieving cake stalls works well. Monkey knife fighters, Pyramid Plunder and Coshing volunteers do not give strange rocks.
Woodcutting / Strange rock (Woodcutting)
Cutting any tree or ivy; doing Sawmill training, hacking jungle in Tai-Bwo Wannai Cleanup, chopping Teak trees and Mahogany trees on Etceteria, or chopping trees during zombie event in Temple Trekking. (Farmed trees work as well.) Chopping roots in the Jadinko Lair; training at a Woodcutting plot in a Clan Citadel. Chopping ivy, Willow trees, or Oak trees. Chopping ivy is good experience and can be fast since you do not have to bank.



  • Experience in a skill for each pair of stones added to the statue. The experience depends on the skill level and which skill you got the rocks from.
  • 10 Kudos when the statue is completed for the first time.
  • A Statue plinth for a player's Study when completing the statue for the first time.
  • Replica statue piece for each time you complete the statue, which can be added in pairs to the plinth in your POH Study. Completing the replica statue is a requirement for the Trimmed completionist cape.

Experience reward formulaEdit

The formula is \text{Experience} = x^2 - 2x + 100, where x is the skill level. An alternate formula, showing the same answer, is \text{Experience} = 99 + (x-1)^2.

Think of the cumulative reward as this: Total Exp Gain After 30 Complete Replicas with Level 80 Non-combat Skills=2,853,000/15=190,200 exp per skill

 template = Template:Shattered heart calc
 form = shf
 result = shr
 param = 1|Skill's Level||int|1-99
Shattered Heart calculator
Calculator is loading...
0 Experience Points
Level Experience gained

There is no advantage to using the skill-cape boost to level 100.

Since the curve of the exponential experience curve is different from the parabolic curve of the reward formula, there are differing (decreasing) rewards measured in terms of percentage of current level.

Detailed informationEdit

  • By acquiring a pair of stones from a particular skill you may add a piece to the statue, which will grant additional experience in that skill. The higher your current level in the relevant skill, the more experience you will receive as a reward.
  • There is a piece of the statue for each of the non-combat skills mentioned above. Each one is made up of two strange rocks found while training. Once you have obtained a pair, you will receive no further strange rocks from that skill until you have collected the pieces from all other non-combat skills and completed the statue. It is not possible to add one rock to the statue, the rocks must be added in pairs. They can be stored in your bank, but do not stack unless you use the bag.
  • After getting all of the pieces and assembling the statue, a cut-scene plays where the statue tries to come alive, but turns back to stone and explodes, as the curse is still active. You are then given a Statue plinth (only for the first time) and a Replica statue piece. The statue plinth can be placed in the study of your player-owned house, though the replica statue piece needs its twin in order to be put onto the plinth in your house. There are 30 replica statue pieces required to fully build the statue in your study (15 'twins'); the statue in the Varrock museum has to be fully built 30 times (a total of 900 overall statue pieces found) in order to obtain all 30 replica statue pieces.
  • After the statue in the museum has exploded, you can immediately begin collecting strange rocks again in the same manner as before, and add pairs of stones to the now empty plinth. However if you try to add the last pair of rocks within a week of completing the previous statue, Barnabus Hurma will get annoyed at you causing explosions and will stop you, saying one explosion a week is enough. The message 'You may complete the statue in another "x"days.' will show on chat log (in which X is the amount of days until the week is over). This means getting all 30 replica pieces and building a full statue in your house will take a minimum of 30 weeks.
  • You can finish the statue at 0:00 GMT one week from the day you built the statue. Meaning that if you built the statue at 5 PM on Sunday, you could rebuild it at 00:00:01 the next Sunday morning (if you live in the GMT zone), so you do not have to wait until 5 PM that Sunday.
  • It took 30 weeks from 3 March 2010 to get all the replica stone pieces. This means that the earliest someone could have completed the statue was on the 22 September 2010.
  • If the study is removed while the statue still stands in it, then when a new study is built and a new plinth is obtained and set up, the new statue should be as complete as the previous one. However, if the statue is removed from the study, all replica pieces added so far will be lost.
  • On 19 March 2010 in a recent updates thread, Mod Maz confirmed that the fully assembled statue in your POH will be a cosmetic reward only and thus won't serve any extra purposes. After an update on 3 May 2011, the Completionist cape received a trim when players completed a shattered heart statue in their house, along with other requirements, making it an extended reward of the Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion.

Statue of RhiannonEdit

Main article: Statue of Rhiannon

The Statue of Rhiannon is a second statue that can be built in a similar way to the statue of Dahmaroc, in this case using golden rocks.

Building The Statue of Rhiannon in the Max Guild is a trimmed Completionist cape requirement, which requires building the original statue a total of 32 times.


Message Centre Shattered Heart

Congratulation message sent to early completers of Shattered Heart

  • If you examine the statue during the cut-scene you get the message "A completed statue of a cursed Second Age mage".
  • The final reward for this Distraction and Diversion is by far the longest elapsed time get, as it takes a minimum of approximately 7.5 months (30 weeks) to complete.
  • When completing the replica statue, your adventurer's log will read: "Each time I rebuilt the statue of Dahmaroc in Varrock Museum, the archaeologists granted me a replica piece. It was a lot of work, but today I completed my own statue at home."
  • When you get a strange rock while having a pet rock in your inventory a message appears saying: "Your pet rock is so happy to have stone-based company that it jiggles about a little in your pack."
  • The experience given as rewards does count toward reducing the experience needed to make another trip to perform Tears of Guthix collection.
  • The advent of Shattered Heart meant that many players started gaining levels in little used skills, making the overall rankings table considerably more competitive.
  • Players who completed the player-owned-house Statue of Dahmaroc early were sent messages of congratulations from Mod Maz and Mod Emilee.
  • When adding multiple pairs of rocks at once, if you level up in a skill, you won't receive the message until all pairs of rocks have been added from your inventory.
  • The name "Dahmaroc" May be a play on words meaning "Damn a rock" Since the mage Dahmaroc was cursed into stone.

Glitches and changed featuresEdit

  • A bug on the release date allowed players to get multiple stones while fishing. This has now been fixed.
  • Smelting gold ore did not yield stones on the day of release.
  • In the early days of Shattered Heart, the chance of receiving a runecrafting rock was counted per use of altar, and not per essence. For the highest chance of getting a rock, you had to drop your essence and bind one piece at a time. Mod Maz confirmed this has been fixed.
  • In the first two weeks the fastest way of getting agility rocks was to repeat an obstacle, notably "climb low wall". This wasn't how Shattered Heart was intended to be played; Jagex changed this so that only completing whole courses has a chance of getting rocks.
  • There was a glitch that made it possible to receive a strange rock on non-members' worlds, resulting in the creation of a members object (although players would still receive the message "You find a strange rock."). This glitch has been fixed.
  • On 25 March 2010, players with multiple statues in their house found the statues removed. When finishing their next statue, however, they could retrieve the plinth and all replica pieces they had added before the removal.