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Shaikahan bones detail

Shaikahan bones are dropped by The Shaikahan when it is killed, which requires a karambwan paste poisoned spear (which currently cannot be equipped). Shaikahan bones give 25 Prayer experience when buried. They give 100 prayer experience when used with the ectofuntus.

There is a very low supply and it takes a long time to buy even one unit of Shaikahan bones on the Grand Exchange.

Cost and experience analysisEdit

Bury Gilded altar or
Chaos Temple
Ectofuntus Cremation
Experience 25 87.5 100 112.5 (Total) 62.5 (Prayer) + 50 (FM)
Cost per XP -232 -66.3 -58 -51.6 (Total) -92.8 (Prayer) or -116 (FM)
  • It is assumed that two burners are lit while using the gilded altar and does not include the cost of clean marrentill.


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