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This article is about a monster. For the graphical feature, see Options and Graphics; for the item, see Shadow (Missing, Presumed Death). For the sentient mask, see Mask of Sliske, Shadow

A Shadow is a monster which plays a major role in the Mourning's Ends Part II and a minor role in Within the Light quests since they constantly attack anyone working on the quest tasks. They have few life points but are very accurate, have fairly low defence, and can hit into the mid 200s and low 300s with melee. They seem to act as some kind of guard for the Temple of Light.


In and around the Temple of Light. As is implied when talking to Arianwyn, they are not supposed to be able to leave the Temple. To get to them, you must go through the Mourner Headquarters and then run past dark beasts (the dark beasts aren't aggressive however), so having high Defence and Protect from Melee is recommended. Alternately if the door to the death altar is unlocked they can be accessed from the death altar or the underground pass.


To survive in the Temple, it is recommended to bring plenty of Prayer potions and high level magic armour, with Protect from Melee on at all times to reduce their damage. Without proper protection, they will frequently deal large amounts of damage.

It also could be wise to bring some air runes or an air staff, allowing the player to safely kill them with air spells (their weakness) just before they are able to attack. If the player's Magic level is 80 or higher, the Polypore staff is extremely helpful, as its integral Polypore Strike spell is an air spell. They will interfere with a player trying to put a gem or mirror into one of the posts when they attack, so Safe spotting them or getting rid of them might be a good idea. If, however, the player is already in the mirror rotation menu, before they target the player, the shadows will not be able to attack, meaning that the rotation menu can be used as safe spots while planning the next move.


When they are not attacking, they are just black splotches on the floor. When they attack, however, they rear up to about the size of a human.

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