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Shade skull detail
Shade skulls are obtained from gold chests in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. They can be added to any elemental staff, battlestaff, or mystic staff to change the appearance. Elemental staves become skeletal staves, battlestaves become skeletal battlestaves and mystic staves become Necromancer's staves. This operation requires level 85 Crafting and provides 130 Crafting experience.

As the skull staves are untradeable, the skulls can be removed from the staves. There is a cooldown period of 5 minutes after adding a skull to a staff, where if it is removed, the Crafting experience is not gained.


  • The Shade skull's icon is almost the same as the magic skullball's icon.
  • Previously, adding a Shade skull to a single-element mystic staff would give it a +5% magic damage bonus. This no longer happens due to stat changes made after the Evolution of Combat update.
  • When the Shade skull is found it appears in the adventurer's log: "While battling shades in Mort'ton, I looted a shade skull."

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