Shade robes are a set of robes sometimes dropped by shades, consisting of a robe top and bottom. They were released in an update on 2 February 2004, and were originally a drop from random event shades.

They are identical in appearance to the priest gown but offer a slightly higher Prayer bonus, however, this is lower than the bonus offered by monk's robes. They can be stored in the fancy dress box of a player-owned house. As the shades have been moved to the Stronghold of Security since their removal as a random event, players may consider this a reward from the Stronghold (similar to the skull sceptre).

Combat Stats
RequirementsShade robes equipped
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses
Shades in SOS

Shades in the Stronghold of Security


  • Despite how these robes appear on shades, they are completely opaque when worn by players and are not translucent like ghostly robes.
  • A complete set of shade robes used to be quite difficult to obtain, as the shade random event would only rarely occur when a player buried bones, and the robe pieces were not a guaranteed drop.
  • These robes used to be tradeable until the 20 November 2007 update.
  • After the release of RuneScape HD, the interior of the bottom of these robes (as well as those of many other similar robes) became green. While this was originally claimed to be a graphical glitch, it remains unchanged.
  • Druid's robes and shade's robes have identical examination texts for the top of the set and similar examination texts for the bottom of the set.

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