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Sergeant Mazakon was a male Icyene commander for Saradomin in the God Wars. He is featured heavily in the lore The Song From Before The War, and is currently only mentioned in this lore. He comes to a village with Elspeth near present-day Al Kharid led by Elder Tasgall to rally troops to Saradomin's cause, though they butt heads as Elder Tasgall complains that he is conscripting too many soldiers.

Mazakon, a dark blue skinned icyene, while being a capable fighter, is crippled, and cannot use his wings to fly. He also has a false arm and leg, created from the pottery that golems in Uzer are made from. This was apparently a common practice for icyene during at least this period of the God Wars.

Sergeant Mazakon meets his demise at the hands of The Ripper who was sent to assassinate Elspeth. He has a gravestone at the Icyene Graveyard, found during The Lord of Vampyrium.

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