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Seren (shattered)
Also known as Queen of Harmony[1]
Gender Female
Godhood tier 2[2]
Alignment Peace, growth and harmony
Symbol Seren symbol
Colours Cyan
Adjective Serenist[3]
Examine A fragment of the spirit of the elven goddess Seren.
Also known as Queen of Harmony[4]
Gender Female
Godhood tier 2[5]
Alignment Peace, growth and harmony
Symbol Seren symbol
Colours Cyan
Adjective Serenist[6]
Seren chathead

Seren (pronounced SEH-ren) is the crystalline goddess of the elves,[7] who currently remains in an incorporeal state after shattering herself into shards of crystal at the end of the Gielinorian God Wars. Seren is the divine aspect of light energy and of Gielinor's Anima Mundi according to the gnomes, although all transcendent gods have a degree of power over the Anima Mundi.[8] She is also responsible for teaching the Rituals of Rejuvenation and Enervation to the Mahjarrat tribe.

Seren, along with Zaros, was created by the Elder God Mah. Where Seren represents light energy, Zaros represents dark energy: this binds the two and compels them to each other when in close proximity. Seren is described by Zaros to be driven more by emotion, whilst Zaros by logical reasoning. She had a close relationship with the god of balance, Guthix, who brought her to Gielinor from Tarddiad during the First Age through the World Gate, along with the elves. They settled in Tirannwn and built the great city of Prifddinas which is the oldest surviving settlement on Gielinor.


Seren is a pacifist, shying violence as much as she can.[9] She and Armadyl both share similar views in the fact that they both believe in the importance of peace, although Seren does not wish to be included in another war of gods and believes her followers should live as they choose, in a sanctuary away from the other gods. Whilst Seren believes in co-existence, her views are similar to those of Guthix as he too he stated that was a pacifist and believed that gods should not interfere in the lives of mortals. Seren described herself as more of a protector than a god. A more unique trait is the value she places in union. Her views are expressed in the Cerddi, which includes the wish to survive "the hostile world" with the elven clans united.

She is present in all elven crystal, which symbolically represents the core views of Seren. Elven crystal's toughness is derived from Seren's unending devotion to her followers. Its balanced proportion highlights her amicable nature and its growth illustrates Seren's care for all things that grow.[10]


Main article: Seren/History


Statue of Seren

A statue depicting Seren in Prifddinas.

A fragment of Seren is upstairs from the Tower of Voices by the Memoriam.

The fragment of Seren plays a dialogue when various items including the Shard of Zaros, any non-lucky and non-gold godsword, a dragon rider amulet, the Measure, any non-elder Divination energy, corrupted ore and the Enchanted Key are used on it.

  • The fragment of Seren will give the message, "The fragment of Seren seems lost in thought." if too many items are used with it in a certain period.
  • The title the Fractured is unlocked when a non-elder energy is used on the fragment of Seren.
  • The title the Corrupted is unlocked when using a Corrupted ore on the fragment of Seren.
  • The title Dark Elf is unlocked when you attempt to attack Seren with an unsheathed weapon while having the Clan Iorwerth cape equipped.
  • The title the Elfborne is unlocked when using either bread, a chocolate bar, or a bacon mound on the fragment of Seren, while having the other two items in the inventory.


There are currently three active areas of Seren worship: all of which are located within Tirannwn. The city of Prifddinas houses the majority of Seren altars in Gielinor. In addition, an altar dedicated to the goddess can also be found on Freneskae.


The elves are among the most devoted followers of Seren.

Below are a list of creatures which are affiliated with the Goddess of Seren.



Mah's face

Mah is an Elder God who was responsible for the creation of Seren and Zaros. Mah instilled both Zaros and Seren with a need to remain close to both her and each other. Following Zaros's depature from Freneskae, Seren opted to remain behind so to care for Mah. This was due to the fact that she felt obliged to do so and pitied Mah, whom she felt feared emotional isolation. Seren wished to leave Mah when she was stable enough to support herself, however Mah's nightmares intensified and the anima of Freneskae became scarce, forcing a broken-hearted Seren to leave Mah on Freneskae, as she was powerless in helping Mah recover. Following her departure, Seren became aware that what Mah did to Zaros and herself was wrong, even though it felt right


Zaros (FoTG) chathead

Seren and Zaros were created by the Elder God Mah. They were made as companions for one another, sharing a strong interest in each other when in close proximity. Zaros is concealing when referring to Seren, and refuses to say much about her, but nevertheless, he is also somewhat protective of her, and is pleased with adventurers that serve her, hoping that they will protect her in exchange for her guidance.[11] Zaros knew from the moment he arrived on Gielinor that his old companion was present but avoided confronting her until he needed her help. Zaros then sent a reconnaissance party to Seren during the Second Age and stole the World Gate from her after she refused to help him.[12] Seren appears to believe that Zaros betrayed both her and Mah by abandoning them on Freneskae, yet she does not seem to hate him. She calls Zaros "monster, ungrateful child" when the Shard of Seren in Prifddinas is confronted with the Shard of Zaros, and claims they have nothing more to say to one another. However, when the Zamorak Godsword is used on the Shard of Seren, the first thing she says is "The sword of the betrayer! Usurper! You killed my sibling!", suggesting that she still cares about Zaros, despite his past actions. Her memories indicate that she sought revenge on Zamorak for removing Zaros from the world, yet did not act on such emotions.

Dark LordEdit

Dark Lord chathead

The Dark Lord is a mysterious entity whose identity was initially unknown. It is clear that the Dark Lord shares a connection to Seren as the thoughts of the Dark Lord seem to reflect those of Seren's in certain instances. They both share a deep interest in the elves, however, the Dark Lord is transfixed upon death. The Dark Lord appears to have shared many of Seren's experiences, such as Seren's first encounter with the elves and when Seren taught the elves how to chant crystal. It is revealed in Plague's End that the Dark Lord is a dark manifestation of Seren, which Seren opposed and banished upon shattering. She imprisoned the Dark Lord in the Temple of Light, and warned her followers of the dangers that the Dark Lord could bring upon them should it be released.


Guthix chathead

Seren's relationship with Guthix was an extremely close one, as Guthix himself thought that "we grew close, and I had no intention of abandoning her." Seren enjoyed the company of Guthix and he would regularly visit her and the elves of Tarddiad. Despite growing wary of Guthix's powers, she chose to accept Guthix's proposal that she and her followers, the elves, join him on Gielinor. They shared similar views on balance and harmony and Seren loved him as he did not become corrupted with power. After his departure Seren remained on Gielinor with her elves which Guthix said she should not do. However, she honoured her word to him by isolating herself from the young gods. Her steadfast belief in non-interference would anger Zaros when the two finally confronted each other on Gielinor, resulting in him stealing the World Gate from her [13]. When Seren shattered after being forced to leave Gielinor by Guthix, Guthix thought she had left forever and wept for her. As the divine aspect of the Anima Mundi, Seren is believed to have mourned for Guthix after his death, as "crying trees" formed across Gielinor, which mourned him.

Other godsEdit

The Shard of Seren appears to have had a passive to negative view of Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak. Although it is apparent Seren is more favourable of Armadyl than Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak, it is also clear that she did not agree with his willingness to join the wars of other gods and then his anger towards their wrong-doings. According to the fragment of Seren in Prifddinas, Seren found Bandos to be a threat to Gielinor and felt his death had a positive impact on the world. She shares Zaros' view that Saradomin is self-righteous, however she also believes that his desire to rule rather than nurture, makes him unworthy of further power. Despite this, the Shard of Seren's enmity towards Zamorak is far more prominent. This animosity between Seren and Zamorak began after Zamorak's betrayal of Zaros, who Seren believed was dead. Despite this, Seren kept her promise to Guthix that she would not involve herself with the wars of other gods and opted, through fear of other gods, to attune the anima of Tirannwn into a barrier, isolating the elves from the rest of Gielinor.



Crystal tree map diamond

Map of crystal tree locations, forming the symbol of Seren.

  • Using certain items on Seren in Prifddinas unlocks various hidden titles.
  • Up until the release of Prifddinas there was one known altar to Seren found in the elven outpost of Lletya.
  • When the RuneScape-based game Armies of Gielinor was released on Jagex's Funorb website on 16 January 2009, the front page had stacked pillars depicting the followers and the symbols of the six gods whose followers players can control. Of those, only Menaphites (followers of Tumeken) and Seren were previously unknown.
  • Seren is the Welsh word for "star." This is the accepted meaning of her name, as nearly all other elven names are also in Welsh. Her name can also be derived from the word "serenity", a synonym for peace, which is Seren's alignment.
  • The locations where crystal trees can appear form a diamond similar to the symbol of Seren when connected.
  • The sign of life resembles the symbol of Seren.
  • The titles to Seren's memories in the Memoriam device found in Prifddinas are references to the Castlevania games.
  • Seren is the only major living deity who has remained present on Gielinor since arriving (with the exception of the Elder Gods): Seren was not bound by the Edicts of Guthix although remained on Gielinor as shards of crystal.



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