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Seren (shattered)
Also known as Queen of Harmony[1]
Gender Female
Godhood tier 2[2]
Alignment Peace, growth and harmony
Symbol Seren symbol
Colours Cyan
Adjective Serenist[3]
Examine A fragment of the spirit of the elven goddess Seren.
Also known as Queen of Harmony[4]
Gender Female
Godhood tier 2[5]
Alignment Peace, growth and harmony
Symbol Seren symbol
Colours Cyan
Adjective Serenist[6]
Seren chathead

Seren (pronounced SEH-ren) is the crystalline goddess of the elves,[7] and the divine aspect of light energy and is also said to be the divine aspect of Gielinor's Anima Mundi by the gnomes, although all transcendent gods have a degree of power over it.[8] Seren is also responsible for teaching the Rituals of Rejuvenation and Enervation to the Mahjarrat tribe.

Seren, along with Zaros, was created by the Elder God Mah. She had a close relationship with the god of balance, Guthix, who brought her to Gielinor from Tarddiad during the First Age through the World Gate, along with the elves. They settled in Tirannwn and built the great city of Prifddinas from an elven crystal.


Seren is a pacifist, shying violence as much as she can.[9] She and Armadyl both share similar views in the fact that they both believe in the importance of peace, although Seren does not wish to be included in another war of gods and believes her followers should live as they choose, in a sanctuary away from the other gods. Her views are considered to be similar to those of Guthix: he stated that he too was a pacifist and believed that gods should not interfere in the lives of mortals. A more unique trait is the value she places in union. Her views are expressed in the Cerddi, which includes the wish to survive "the hostile world" with the elven clans united.

She is present in all elven crystal, which symbolically represents the core views of Seren. Elven crystal's toughness is derived from Seren's unending devotion to her followers. Its balanced proportion highlights her amicable nature and its growth illustrates Seren's care for all things that grow.[10]



Seren altar

A shrine to Seren on Freneskae.

Seren was created on Freneskae by the Elder God Mah, alongside Zaros. Zaros represented dark energy while Seren stood for light energy. They were tied to each other in ways neither could control. It was a mutual "attraction" of sorts that weakened Zaros' concentration and Seren's will in order to bring them together. Zaros instilled feelings of devotion in Seren, and likewise Seren caused adoration in Zaros. Mah, with the temperament of a child, saw them as her playthings in a sense. However, Zaros resented this. He longed to escape and create his own destiny and learn, since Mah was unable to teach him anything. Seren, on the other hand, felt it was their duty to remain with their creator. She felt that Mah needed them and had only created them out of fear of being alone. Zaros eventually fled while Mah was sleeping, but Seren chose to stay, arguing that Mah gave them life and they were indebted to the Elder God for that reason.

Mah was upset that Zaros had left, and sometimes had lucid nightmares in which she called out for him. When Mah would awake after these nightmares, Seren would try to comfort her, to not much avail. Mah began to sleep more often, and her dreams of Zaros and Seren began to manifest, creating the Mahjarrat race. Seren manipulated the Mahjarrat into sacrificing their own people to Mah by posing as her, so that they could replenish the energy she had lost upon manifesting them.

At some point, Mah began to have more violent nightmares which would cause grotesque and terrifying Muspah to manifest and prevent the inhabitants of Freneskae from going on pilgrimages to Mah's volcano, scaring them off. The Elder God fell into a coma-like state, to occasionally regain some consciousness and "wail and scream and hurt herself." Realising she could no longer do anything for her creator, Seren decided to depart, but before doing so, she visited the Mahjarrat while posing as Mah again, and taught them the Ritual of Enervation, which would give birth to new Mahjarrat. This was necessary to calm Mah down when she had a very violent nightmare that could damage Freneskae.

At some point prior to Gielinor's First Age, she visited Tarddiad, a planet consisting mostly of woods and crystalline structures. It had also become the homeworld of the elves and Seren was mesmerised by the way they lived in perfect harmony with one another and the world. Seren would alter her form into a more elven image to better connect with them. The elves loved her, and she became their patron goddess. She came to live with them on their homeworld.[11] She is said to have brought large amounts of crystal with her from her own homeworld, but this is unlikely - it's more probable to be a misinterpretation on the elves' part.[12] She also taught the elves how to chant it. Like herself, crystal is sentient and is able to align itself to its user, although Seren has always been the only crystalline being the elves could communicate with.[13] The elves fashioned many kinds of crystal equipment and their civilisation prospered.[14] Of the eight elven clans or families their society was divided into, the Ithell Clan were the most skilled crystal chanters.[15] The artificial powers granted to Seren by Mah to instil love in beings in her presence may have been partly why the elves adored Seren. According to Seren, it was likely present in the elves, as they grew ill with her absence. Prolonged periods without Seren forced the elves to do anything in their power to return to her.

Arrival to GielinorEdit


Haluned, a shard of Seren.

After his ascension to godhood at the end of the Naragi God Wars, the Naragi god of balance Guthix travelled the multiverse in sorrow. He visited many realms and planets, including the elven plane and Gielinor, the Elder Gods' perfect creation, and shaped it using various Elder Artefacts he found. He befriended Seren and invited her and her elves to come with him to Gielinor, which he found so beautiful that it deserved to be inhabited by peaceful mortals, without gods.[16] Seren became wary of his ever growing powers which she feared were exceeding her own, yet came to learn that his intentions remained pure and she came to love him. Although some elves were reluctant to abandon their home, she was keen to follow him.[17]. She decided to form a shard of herself into a scout, who she sent to Gielinor. The scout, Haluned, discovered the world was inhabited by the Elder Gods'. Optimistic that together, Guthix and Seren could overcome them, Seren agreed to join him on Gielinor. Seren used her artificial abilities to sway the elves to join her on Gielinor, by abandoning them for a short period. She regretted doing so ever since, yet felt it was a necessary ensure their survival. After travelling to Gielinor through the World Gate, the elves were astounded by the planet's lush flora and fauna, which contrasted with their own crystal plane, and all reluctancy to stay there disappeared.[18] Seren became closely affiliated with the world's Anima Mundi and her elves lived in harmony in the forest of Isafdar, in Tirannwn, separated from the lands to the east by the Galarpos Mountains. After bringing the elves to Gielinor,[19] Guthix used the World Gate (at that point called the Portal of Life) to bring in humans, dwarves and gnomes, among other races.

World Gate (Shadow Realm)

The World Gate.

In a clearing north of Isafdar, Seren gave a shard of herself unto each elven clan and created the legendary Tower of Voices from crystal to serve as a means of communication while she would be with Guthix. The tower, connected to eight smaller towers, each owned by one clan, is even said to contain her heart.[20] Here, the elves constructed Gielinor's first city and the oldest settlement still in existence today: Prifddinas. The necessary amount of crystal was provided by their homeworld, which remained accessible through the World Gate.

Together, Guthix and Seren helped the mortal races prosper. The two grew close to each other, seeing the care they brought to the world. But while the latter always returned to her elves, whom she is said to love more than anyone, her companion began to grow uncontent with the mortals' worshipping him. Guthix then revealed his true feelings: Gielinor should belong to mortals and he attempted to convince Seren to leave the planet with him.[21] As Guthix gradually began to make less appearances until he finally retreated into the earth to sleep, hoping for the world to forget him and live in peace without gods, however, she stayed behind and hid, remaining with her followers as Guthix slept, unable to part from them.[22][23] At this point, Seren's only followers, aside from animals such as falcons and dire wolves, were the elves, who continued to worship Seren for millennia.[24]

Prifddinas gate monument

The splendid main gate to the city of Prifddinas as it appears today.

Clash with other godsEdit

In the Second Age, other gods began to arrive to Gielinor. Most notable was Zaros, Seren's old companion who had gathered much power and knowledge of the universe since he had left, who established a massive and ever growing empire known as Forinthry using vast armies of wicked creatures. Most other gods' views were also opposite to the harmonious and pacifistic ideals of Guthix and Seren, for example Saradomin, who claimed Gielinor as his own,[25] or Bandos, who, as god of war, desired to turn it into his personal playground of eternal warfare. As hostile forces, especially the Zarosians, advanced to the west, nearing the Galarpos, the elves even lost the World Gate to an 'emptiness', as Zaros had taken the World Gate to find new worlds. This had cut Seren and the elves off from their homeworld and their supply of crystal.[26]


Most elves remained safe with Seren in Tirannwn.

The state of affairs in the Second Age led to a schism in elven society. Some clans wished to remain secluded in Tirannwn while others desired to take the fight to the enemy, despite Seren's attempts to keep everybody united and safe. This split led to the deaths of many, while Seren could not do anything to stop it, having promised Guthix to stay away from battle.[27] The elves that stayed with their goddess were protected by her, mourning the deaths of their fallen kinsmen. This isolation of the elves led to the knowledge of them being scarce until they were nearly forgotten by the other beings of the world.[28]

Nevertheless, Zaros expressed significant interest in Seren and sent at least one scouting mission, consisting of his closest generals such as Zamorak and Char, to the west.[29] This particular one was ambushed and defeated by elven troops. Why Zaros showed such curiosity towards' Seren's could have been due to the fact that Zaros has hardly seen Seren for a very long time.

During the God WarsEdit

The Second Age made way for the Third when Zamorak, who had rebelled against and defeated Zaros, returned from the Infernal dimension and declared war on Saradomin over the Stone of Jas. Soon enough, nearly the entire world suffered under an all-out war of the gods. The elves were initially unaware of this, but soon the hostile forces began to approach Tirannwn. However, the Cadarn Clan, the most military clan led by the legendary King Baxtorian Cadarn, was able to hold each invasion off at the Underground Pass through the Galarpos.[30] Again, however, some elves, such as the famous commander Valis, chose to leave the safety of Seren and to fight. Towards the end of the God Wars, Seren closed the Grand Library of Prifddinas with nine seals, most likely to protect the knowledge within.

Seren began to weaken her influence over the elves to rid them of their dependency on her and prevent them from growing sick and ill in her absence. Over time this seemed to work, thus enabling Seren to plan her departure from Gielinor. This seemed most prominent with the Iorwerth clan who appeared to have grown more attached to Seren's darker self. Fearful of the effect this may have on them and the other elven clans, Seren isolated her negative thoughts from the rest of her body so to remove it's influence over them. This dark manifestation of Seren was fixated on death, and as such became known as the "Dark Lord". She informed her followers of the dangers the Dark Lord posed to them and told them that the he was to be imprisoned in the Temple of Light.

After some four thousand years of battle, Zamorak reobtained the Stone of Jas and used it to utterly destroy what was left of Forinthry in a last-ditch-effort to save himself from being defeated. The impact of the blast was immense; hundreds if not thousands square kilometers of once fertile land were turned into a barren wilderness; life-forms caught in the blast were killed, which caused the near-extinction of the aviantese. The devastation was so great that the Anima Mundi itself cried out in pain, waking Guthix after six thousand years of slumber.[31] Upon seeing the destruction brought upon his world, Guthix was filled with anger and sorrow. More powerful than any of the other gods, he cast them out of Gielinor and created a magical barrier, known as the Edicts of Guthix, preventing any powerful god from entering Gielinor, after which he hid the Stone of Jas underground, under protection. Some Guthixians believe that part of the Edicts state that Guthix will destroy then reshape the world if another war breaks out.[32] After banishing the gods during a series of battles between Guthixians and other forces, which also saw the deaths of many elves who refused to retreat as well as other Serenists such as the dire wolf Riled Coyote and the grenwall Dinsdale, Guthix visited Seren and ordered her to leave with the other gods.[33]

Dark Lord

The Dark Lord.

Seren could not leave her elves as doing so would result in the elves becoming fatally ill, she informed Guthix of this and decided that while she would leave, it would not be with Guthix. As such, she sorrowfully shattered herself, exploding in many pieces of crystal. Guthix returned to his slumber afterwards, crying at the atrocities he had seen.[34]

Elven Civil WarEdit

Main article: Elven Civil War

The Fourth Age saw the elves without their goddess's guidance for the first time. They mourned her, but at the same time cherished the thought that she was still in their hearts, as well as in the crystal they used. The Cadarn Clan attempted to keep elven society together more than anyone else.[35] Without Seren to protect them, the Cadarn Clan also broke free of their isolation. An event known as The Break Out took place; after constructing the Arandar pass over the Galarpos, King Baxtorian led the elven settlers to the east.[36] In the east, the elves formed treaties with the humans and gnomes (but were unable to do so with the ogres due to the Feldip Hills Civil War) and established a large kingdom, with the Cadarn Clan as the primary inhabitants.[37] Soon enough, other clans followed as well and the kingdom prospered.

Seal of Seren

The reverted seed of Prifddinas, known as the Seal of Seren.

However, the absence of Seren had led to a schism in society back in Tirannwn. The Iorwerth Clan abandoned Seren and turned to the Dark Lord. With their strongest opponents, the Cadarn Clan, away, Lord Iorwerth seized the opportunity to conquer Prifddinas and the Tower of Voices, denying access to other clans. Thus began the Elven Civil War, which led to the deaths of many elves. In 1930, nearly two millennia later, The Great Divide occurred as the eastern settlers lost all contact with the west and Arandar became impassable.[38] Five scouts were sent to Tirannwn through the Underground Pass, of whom only one, Adwr, returned. She informed the Cadarn of the civil war and King Baxtorian launched a campaign to liberate Tirannwn from Iorwerth's tyranny. The Baxtorian Campaign failed, however, as the Iorwerth Clan crushed the Cadarn forces at the Battle of Prifddinas. The defeated king returned to the east five years later to find his kingdom in ruins and his wife Glarial taken by the enemy. His sorrow was so great that he sealed himself beneath a waterfall, thus eliminating Iorwerth's greatest opponent. The remaining elves travelled west again and attempted to restore peace as rebels, but these were hunted down by the Iorwerth, who continued their attempts to return the Dark Lord due to Seren's absence. Eventually, the Elven Council of Elders decided to completely revert Prifddinas to a crystal seed to protect it.

Over two centuries later, in 169 of the Fifth Age, Guthix was murdered by the Mahjarrat Sliske, shattering his edicts. The elves soon learnt of this; some hope to bring Seren back by either collecting every crystal to reform her, or by recreating the city for her. They also believe that if they can find the World Gate, they would be able to travel back to their homeworld and recreate her there. Still others wish to leave her at rest, honouring her final act.


Statue of Seren

A statue depicting Seren in Prifddinas.

A fragment of Seren is upstairs from the Tower of Voices by the Memoriam.

The fragment of Seren plays a dialogue when various items including the Shard of Zaros, any non-lucky and non-gold godsword, a dragon rider amulet, the Measure, any non-elder Divination energy, corrupted ore and the Enchanted Key are used on it.

  • The fragment of Seren will give the message, "The fragment of Seren seems lost in thought." if too many items are used with it in a certain period.
  • The title the Fractured is unlocked when a non-elder energy is used on the fragment of Seren.
  • The title the Corrupted is unlocked when using a Corrupted ore on the fragment of Seren.
  • The title Dark Elf is unlocked when you attempt to attack Seren with an unsheathed weapon while having the Clan Iorwerth cape equipped.
  • The title the Elfborne is unlocked when using either bread, a chocolate bar, or a bacon mound on the fragment of Seren, while having the other two items in the inventory.


Iorwerth chapel

The largest chapel dedicated to the goddess Seren, found in the Iorwerth section of Prifddinas.


Mah Edit

Mah's face

Mah is an Elder God who was responsible for the creation of Seren and Zaros. Mah instilled both Zaros and Seren with a need to remain close to both her and each other. Following Zaros's depature from Freneskae, Seren opted to remain behind so to care for Mah. This was due to the fact that she felt obliged to do so and pitied Mah, whom she felt feared emotional isolation. Seren wished to leave Mah when she was stable enough to support herself, however Mah's nightmares intensified and the anima of Freneskae became scarce, forcing a broken-hearted Seren to leave Mah on Freneskae, as she was powerless in helping Mah recover. Following her departure, Seren became aware that what Mah did to Zaros and herself was wrong, even though it felt right


Zaros (FoTG) chathead

Seren and Zaros were created by the Elder God Mah. They were made as companions for one another, sharing a strong interest in each other when in close proximity. Zaros is concealing when referring to Seren, and refuses to say much about her, but nevertheless, he is also somewhat protective of her, and is pleased with adventurers that serve her, hoping that they will protect her in exchange for her guidance.[39] Zaros knew from the moment he arrived on Gielinor that his old companion was present but avoided confronting her until he needed her help. Zaros then sent a reconnaissance party to Seren during the Second Age and stole the World Gate from her after she refused to help him.[29] Seren appears to believe that Zaros betrayed both her and Mah by abandoning them on Freneskae, yet she does not seem to hate him. She calls Zaros "monster, ungrateful child" when confronted with the Shard of Zaros, and claims they have nothing more to say to one another. However, when the Zamorak Godsword is used on her, the first thing she says is "The sword of the betrayer! Usurper! You killed my sibling!", suggesting that she still cares about Zaros, despite his past actions.

Dark Lord Edit

Dark Lord chathead

The Dark Lord is a mysterious entity whose identity was initially unknown. It is clear that the Dark Lord shares a connection to Seren as the thoughts of the Dark Lord seem to reflect those of Seren's in certain instances. They both share a deep interest in the elves, however, the Dark Lord is transfixed upon death. The Dark Lord appears to have shared many of Seren's experiences, such as Seren's first encounter with the elves and when Seren taught the elves how to chant crystal. It is revealed in Plague's End that the Dark Lord is a dark manifestation of Seren, which Seren opposed and banished upon shattering. She imprisoned the Dark Lord in the Temple of Light, and warned her followers of the dangers that the Dark Lord could bring upon them should it be released.


Guthix chathead

Seren's relationship with Guthix was an extremely close one, as Guthix himself thought that "we grew close, and I had no intention of abandoning her." Seren enjoyed the company of Guthix and he would regularly visit her and the elves of Tarddiad. Despite growing wary of Guthix's powers, she chose to accept Guthix's proposal that she and her followers, the elves, join him on Gielinor. They shared similar views on balance and harmony and Seren loved him as he did not become corrupted with power. After his departure Seren remained on Gielinor with her elves which Guthix said she should not do. However, she honoured her word to him by isolating herself from the young gods. Her steadfast belief in non-interference would anger Zaros when the two finally confronted each other on Gielinor, resulting in him stealing the World Gate from her [40]. When Seren shattered after being forced to leave Gielinor by Guthix, Guthix thought she had left forever and wept for her. As the divine aspect of the Anima Mundi, Seren is believed to have mourned for Guthix after his death, as "crying trees" formed across Gielinor, which mourned him.

Other godsEdit

Seren appears to have had a negative view of Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak. Although it is apparent Seren is more favourable of Armadyl than Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak, it is also clear that she did not agree with his willingness to join the wars of other gods and his anger towards their wrong-doings. According to the fragment of Seren in Prifddinas, Seren found Bandos to be a threat to Gielinor and felt his death had a positive impact on the world. She shares Zaros' view that Saradomin is self-righteous, however she also believes that his desire to rule rather than nurture, makes him unworthy of further power. Despite this, Seren's enmity towards Zamorak was far more prominent. This animosity between Seren and Zamorak began after Zamorak's betrayal of Zaros, who Seren believed was dead. Despite this, Seren kept her promise to Guthix that she would not involve herself with the wars of other gods and opted, through fear of other gods, to attune the anima of Tirannwn into a barrier, isolating the elves from the rest of Gielinor.

Dialogue Edit


Crystal tree map diamond

Map of crystal tree locations, forming the symbol of Seren.

  • Using certain items on Seren in Prifddinas unlocks various hidden titles.
  • Up until the release of Prifddinas there was one known altar to Seren found in the elven outpost of Lletya.
  • When the RuneScape-based game Armies of Gielinor was released on Jagex's Funorb website on 16 January 2009, the front page had stacked pillars depicting the followers and the symbols of the six gods whose followers players can control. Of those, only Menaphites (followers of Tumeken) and Seren were previously unknown.
  • Seren is the Welsh word for "star." This is the accepted meaning of her name, as nearly all other elven names are also in Welsh. Her name can also be derived from the word "serenity", a synonym for peace, which is Seren's alignment.
  • The locations where crystal trees can appear form a diamond similar to the symbol of Seren when connected.
  • The sign of life resembles the symbol of Seren.
  • The titles to Seren's memories in the Memoriam device found in Prifddinas are references to the Castlevania games.



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