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The Seasinger priestess is a bodyguard of Quin that can be found randomly on Uncharted Isles. Like most humanoids found on the Uncharted Isles, they are capable of using abilities in combat. While not aggressive, they are very accurate and hit very hard, and are clumped up in large groups, making it dangerous to use area-of-effect attacks and abilities. Weapon poison with corruption shot works well.

The priestesses can always be found around a pile of sun-bleached bones, which act as their spawn point.


Attacking the Seasinger priestesses will scale their life points and combative abilities to the player's own combat level. Like other humanoid monsters found on uncharted isles, killing them will leave a small amount of chimes behind.

Combat with these should not be taken lightly and do expect these monsters to give you a good fight. They are weak to range, using high level equipment is advised. The use of Soul Split paired with Anguish or Deflect Magic is advised. Be sure to bring Overloads, Prayer Pots or Super Restore Pots and food. These monsters can be "camped" for their chime drops as there is a rowboat on every uncharted island giving you bank access to resupply and continue "camping".

Using abilities Corruption Shot, Rapid Fire and Snap Shot is advised, but the use of Ricochet should be avoided. If you get the attention of too many just run away and reset. Try to fight these in solo combat; higher levelled players may find it easy to do in pairs.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Chimes 1Chimes3–9AlwaysNot sold
Rune platelegsRune platelegs1Uncommon36,801
Adamant crossbowAdamant crossbow1Common6,119
Magic logsMagic logs3–9 (noted)Uncommon1,530–4,590
Rune arrow 5Rune arrow14Uncommon2,142

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