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The Sea Troll Queen is a quest boss monster, the ruler of the Sea Trolls, and she attacks the Piscatoris Fishing Colony along with her Sea Trolls during Swan Song. She uses melee and a water wave magic attack.

Her magic hits more than her melee attacks, so it is advised to fight her directly with Protect from Magic whilst wearing good magic defence armour (like black d'hide armour) as she will use a prayer draining attack if players fight her at a distance with prayer on. It is very important to defeat her as fast as possible if using Prayer. Her draining attack drains over 200 prayer points at once. Bringing prayer potions is advised.

She can only be killed during the quest.

She also severely injures the Wise Old Man, hitting him for 2345 damage. The magic attack is not as powerful on players, however, but can still hit over 300 regularly, with a max hit of above 470 LP. Her melee attack can hit up to 300s, but is relatively inaccurate.

A Dwarf multicannon will not work on her; she will simply destroy it.


  • Surprisingly, although she is the queen of Sea Trolls, the Sea Troll Queen does not look like a troll at all. Also unlike other trolls, she is not weak to magic.
  • Before Hitpoints was reworked into Constitution, the Sea Troll Queen dealt 254 damage to the Wise Old Man, which became 2345 afterwards. The damage was in fact lower than before, as 254 hitpoints translated to 2540 life points of damage.
    • After completing Swan Song: During Fairy Tale III: Ork's Rift; if you bait the fishing spot near General Gromblod a River Troll will attack you exclaiming that you killed the Sea Troll Queen.

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