Release date 3 July 2012 (Update)
Race Dog
Members Yes
Quest NPC Hazeel Cult
Location East Ardougne
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine The Carnillean family's pet dog.

Scruffy is the dog of Sir Ceril Carnillean. During the events of Hazeel Cult, he was 20 years old (140 in dog years). Scruffy dies after eating a dish of soup given to it by Philipe Carnillean which was originally poisoned by the player if they sided with the Cult of Hazeel in Hazeel Cult. Scruffy's grave can be found in the corner of the yard.

If the player sided with the Carnilleans, Scruffy instead remains in the corner of the yard.

Scruffy's grave

Scruffy's grave.

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