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Scroll of efficiency detail

The Scroll of efficiency is a Dungeoneering reward sold by Marmaros and Wythien. It requires a Smithing level of 55 and a Dungeoneering level of 55. Reading the scroll of efficiency permanently unlocks the ability: when smithing items which require at least 3 bars, there is a chance of retaining a bar. The chance of saving is less with higher tier bars. The chance of saving a bar is per (at least 3-bar) item smithed, not each bar has a chance of being saved. For example, smithing steel platebodies in the long run will use up 4.8 bars per body, while smithing steel chainbodies will use up 2.8 bars per body.

Once the scroll is bought, it cannot be bought again. If a player tries to buy a second scroll, a message will appear saying "You've already got one of those. Go read it."

When read, you get the message: "The secret is yours! You unlock the ability to save bars when smithing.". When you save a bar you get the message: Wasteless smithing: <Type> bar saved!

Items that require at least 3 bars:

Metal Chance (%) Average Savings/item Cost of three bars Cost of five bars Cost of three bars with Scroll Cost of five bars with Scroll
Bronze 50% chance 36.5 coins 657 coins 1095 coins 547.5 coins 985.5 coins
Iron 25% chance 48.92 coins 1761 coins 2935 coins 1614.25 coins 2788.25 coins
Steel 20% chance 45.13 coins 2031 coins 3385 coins 1895.6 coins 3249.6 coins
Mithril 10% chance 48.67 coins 4380 coins 7300 coins 4234 coins 7154 coins
Adamant 8% chance 71.89 coins 8088 coins 13480 coins 7872.32 coins 13264.32 coins
Rune 5% chance 229.85 coins 41373 coins 68955 coins 40683.45 coins 68265.45 coins

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
MarmarosDaemonheim20,000Dungeoneering tokens1No
WythienPrifddinas20,000Dungeoneering tokens1Yes