This article is about the item used in Elemental Workshop II. For other uses, see Scroll.
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Scroll (Elemental Workshop II) detail

The scroll is used in the Elemental Workshop II quest. It is used for locating the pipe that contains a key.

In the Elemental Workshop II quest, players must use this scroll to guide them to the pipe that contains the key which unlocks the second level of the workshop.

To re-obtain it after it is lost, you must find the Beaten Book again at the Exam Centre and read it (you cannot already have a scroll in your inventory or bank.) The Beaten Book is found on a bookshelf in the south-east corner of the Exam Centre (the north-eastern bookshelf, facing north.) It is, however, useless to re-obtain it.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Scroll (Elemental Workshop II).

2 N
2 E
2 N
2 E
10 N
4 W
Pipe 3.


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