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For the revenant drop, see Bandos scrimshaw.
Activating scrimshaw

A player activating a scrimshaw.

Scrimshaws are items that may be equipped in the pocket slot. They are created at the Scrimshaw Crafter in the workshop of a player-owned port with the Fletching skill. They impart a range of benefits, many of which are geared towards increasing level gain during high-levelled training.[1] All scrimshaws have both a tradeable and an untradeable (superior) version, with the superior one being better than its tradeable counterpart. They can be activated and deactivated while worn: tradeable scrimshaws last for 3 hours of activation, while superior scrimshaws last 4 hours, after which they will vanish. Logging out, or switching worlds (join) will cause the scrimshaw to deactivate. When the scrimshaw runs out of time, this message appears in the chat window (unless Game Messages is turned off):
Your scrimshaw has run out of charge and disintegrates[sic]

High-level fletchers can make scrimshaws starting at level 85, up to level 95 for the higher tier scrimshaws. The required level is needed and temporary skill boosts do not work. Scrimshaws can be only made at the player-owned port, in a refitted workshop or a workshop of a higher tier. Each scrimshaw requires 10 ancient bones to make, and gives 4,000 Fletching experience. The experience bonus of the workshop applies to making scrimshaws.

If you die when wearing a scrimshaw and you don't protect it upon death, it will lose an hour of charge.  


Image Tradeable version (3 hours) Fletching-icon
GE price Untradeable version (4 hours) Examine & Effect (Superior effect)
Log-splitting scrimshaw Log-splitting scrimshaw 85 Coins 1000 206,251 Superior log-splitting scrimshaw 15% (20%) chance to split a log as you chop it, earning additional Woodcutting experience and not collecting the log.
Rock-crushing scrimshaw Rock-crushing scrimshaw 85 Coins 1000 252,335 Superior rock-crushing scrimshaw 15% (20%) chance to crush ore as you mine it, earning additional Mining experience and not collecting the ore.
Tree-shaking scrimshaw Tree-shaking scrimshaw 90 Coins 1000 793,127 Superior tree-shaking scrimshaw Increases the drop rate of bird nests by 300% (400%).
Gem-finding scrimshaw Gem-finding scrimshaw 90 Coins 1000 303,514 Superior gem-finding scrimshaw Successful mining swings have a chance of finding diamond, dragonstone or onyx gems. Higher-level rocks provide better chances.
Scrimshaw of vampyrism Scrimshaw of vampyrism 92 Coins 1000 883,594 Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism For every successful melee attack, this scrimshaw absorbs a small (moderate) amount of the enemy's health, giving it to the scrimshaw bearer.
Scrimshaw of the elements Scrimshaw of the elements 92 Coins 1000 985,363 Superior scrimshaw of the elements Every magic attack hits with a small (moderate) amount of elemental damage.
Scrimshaw of cruelty Scrimshaw of cruelty 92 Coins 1000 924,454 Superior scrimshaw of cruelty Ranged attacks deal increased damage.
Scrimshaw of ranging Scrimshaw of ranging 95 Coins 1000 942,855 Superior scrimshaw of ranging Adds 2% (4%) to ranged accuracy.
Scrimshaw of magic Scrimshaw of magic 95 Coins 1000 898,033 Superior scrimshaw of magic Adds 2% (4%) to magic accuracy.
Scrimshaw of attack Scrimshaw of attack 95 Coins 1000 983,704 Superior scrimshaw of attack Adds 2% (4%) to melee accuracy.


  • Scrimshaws bear many resemblances to Auras, as they are both made from bones originating from the Eastern Lands, and they have an activation time. The main differences are that, unlike Auras, scrimshaws degrade to dust and therefore cannot be recharged, and Scrimshaws are crafted, while Auras are from the Loyalty Shop.
  • Superior scrimshaws, even when unused, do not stack in bank.


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