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Scare Bear detail

Scare Bear is a vampyre plush toy that is one of the missing plushies in The Lost Toys. It is located at the very end of the wall around Darkmeyer (on top of the wall), north of Drakan's castle, just east of the north sketch location for Darkness of Hallowvale. Take the boat from Burgh de Rott to Meiyerditch and travel north along the wall.

Go north until you reach a ladder, climb down it and search the wall on the east and the open the barricade in the northern wall. Climb up the next ladder to the first floor, then climb up the next ladder on the second floor and climb down the next ladder to return to the first floor. Climb the ladder just south of castle Drakan, then follow the wall around until you find the plushie.

When squeezed it gives the message: "Scare Bear stare...s into your soul." in the player's chatbox.

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Squeezing Scare Bear


  • Its name is a reference to the Care Bears franchise.