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This article is about a quest item. For the miniquest, see Scabarites Notes.

Scabarite notes are quest items used in the Dealing with Scabaras quest. The player must obtain four different notes for the quest by killing skeletons, dried zombies and scabarites north of the archaeologist camp, or mummies to the west. These are then put into the empty Scabaras research book, and returned to Lead archaeologist Abigail.

Some notes can also be found by searching the chests spread throughout the Scabarite Hive dungeon, namely chapters 18 and 19.

Only 4 notes are required for the quest; the remaining notes are needed for the optional miniquest after completing the quest.

Trying to 'Copy to log' a papyrus note that has already been copied with give the message: 'You already have this information in your logbook.' However, the note will disappear from the player's inventory.

There are 19 different types of scabarite notes to collect, each with a different examine text.

Page Examine
Page 1 Tattered papyrus.
Page 2 Shabby papyrus.
Page 3 Smelly papyrus.
Page 4 Fine papyrus.
Page 5 Cheap papyrus.
Page 6 Well-made papyrus.
Page 7 High-grade papyrus.
Page 8 Greasy papyrus.
Page 9 Damp papyrus.
Page 10 Oily papyrus.
Page 11 Scented papyrus.
Page 12 Soft papyrus.
Page 13 Brittle papyrus.
Page 14 Recent papyrus.
Page 15 Well-preserved papyrus.
Page 16 Exquisite papyrus.
Page 17 Hastily-written papyrus.
Page 18 Tatty papyrus.
Page 19 Creased papyrus.

Dropping monsters Edit

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Dried zombie89; 94; 1101Uncommon
Skeleton97; 108; 115; 120; 1401Uncommon
Locust lancer1091Common
Locust ranger981Common
Scabaras lancer1121Common
Scabaras ranger1031Common

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