The Scabarite Hive dungeon features in the Dealing with Scabaras quest. It is located underground in the Ruins of Ullek area. Its entrance is on the plateau, just north of the archaeologists' camp, in an area full of high-level, aggressive skeletons. The Ruins of Ullek are in the south-eastern Kharidian Desert and are subject to desert heat, so players are advised to bring a water source. The dungeon itself is not subject to desert heat.

The dungeon plays a major role in Dealing with Scabaras. Scabarites can be slain here, though the coastal region next to the Ullek swamp and the Sophanem Dungeon may be a safer place to fight these monsters.

The dungeon can be extremely dangerous, as it has agility-based traps that cause damage; some can also inflict poison. Some traps can be avoided entirely, although this requires the player to enter chambers full of aggressive Scabarites, which can attack with melee, ranged, and magic. The two chests in the dungeon contain Scabarite notes, used in the Scabarites Notes miniquest. It is recommended that players get the notes from chests during the quest to avoid having to pass through the dungeon later to get the notes.



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