The Saradominist Order of Paterdomus is an unofficial name given to a religious order that occupied Paterdomus, a temple constructed along the Misthalin - Morytania border. The Order was largely destroyed in the Year 169, during the Occupation of Paterdomus. Paterdomus has since been controlled by the Zamorakian Order of Paterdomus, who's goals and involvement in the Sanguinesti Liberation War remain unclear.

Only three known members of the order survived the occupation: Hiylik Myna, who fled but later returned under the protection of the Misthalanian Mercenary Protocol, Ulizius, who now guards the entrance to Mort Myre and Drezel, who was captured but has since been killed by a Wyrd while assisting Ivan Strom and the Player from Vanescula's Vampyre army. As of River of Blood, the order has reclaimed Paterdomus.

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