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"Saradomin mage" redirects here. For the Saradomin mages inside Mage Arena, see Battle mage.
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Saradomin wizards are monsters that are encountered whilst doing hard clue coordinate Treasure Trails. They only appear for clues that are located outside of the Wilderness. They call out "For Saradomin!" upon appearing and attacking. They attack with a poisoned dragon dagger, and cast Saradomin Strike when maging.


A Saradomin wizard (or a Zamorak wizard) will always appear whilst digging at the location of a level 3 coordinate clue outside of the Wilderness, unless a player uses the​ Meerkat familiars special which brings up the casket/scroll box without disturbing the wizard.

Strengths and weaknessesEdit

Saradomin wizards are more powerful than their inferior counterpart, Zamorak wizards. They attack with the Saradomin Strike spell when using magic, and use a poisoned Dragon dagger when using melee. They detect whether the player is using protection prayers against their current attack style. For example, they will attack only with magic if Protect from Melee is used. Since the magic attacks do not cause poison, it is possible to bypass the need for antipoison by using Protect from Melee and hence preventing them from using their melee attacks.


  • Previously, wielding an Anti-poison totem before digging would not prevent the wizard from causing poison, even if the player was unpoisoned prior to digging. This was fixed on 15 June 2010.
  • When the Saradomin wizard cast his spell, players could hear if it splashed or hit before the projectile reached them.
  • The Saradomin wizard will always attempt to get within melee distance of the player when using magic. A similar issue also affects the Zamorak wizard, and it is unknown whether this is an oversight or not.
  • They were accidentally removed from the game on 14 November 2014. They returned on 4 July 2016.
  • Despite carrying a regular dragon dagger, Saradomin wizards are still capable of poisoning the player with melee attacks (even before EoC, when a posioned dragon dagger was graphically different).
  • The way that Saradomin wizards inflict poison is different from most poisonous monsters; rather than having a chance to inflict it on a successful attack, they have a chance to inflict it with every game tick that passes, regardless of whether they are actually attacking and whether or not the attack inflicts damage. As a result, they are capable of rapidly lowering the duration of anti-poison potions, so more than one dose may be necessary if the wizard is not killed quickly.
  • There is currently an animation glitch where the Saradomin wizard will use the old reverse-grip attack animation with his dagger, despite holding it in a forward grip. The same glitch affects the level 133 version of the Guthix wizard.

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