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The Saradomin Strike spell was removed from RuneScape after Evolution of Combat: Now Live!.
Saradomin Strike
Saradomin Strike icon
Members? Yes
Level 60
Spellbook Normal
Type Combat

Unknown edit

Damage 200-360
Experience 35+
Runes 2 Fire runes
4 Air runes
2 Blood runes
Quest Mage Arena
Saradomin strike
Click animation for full size

Saradomin Strike was a spell that required level 60 Magic to cast and could deal a maximum of 200 damage. Saradomin Strike lowered the target's Prayer level by ten points on each successful cast. Players had to complete the Mage Arena activity and be wielding a Saradomin staff to use this spell.

This was one of the three highest hitting spells in the normal spellbook. Since this spell required a God staff, players couldn't use another staff that gives unlimited amounts of runes. Players needed to buy or craft the runes.

The maximum damage inflicted by the spell increased to 300 life points while the Charge spell is in effect and the player was wearing a Saradomin cape. When using an extreme magic potion in combination with Charge, the maximum damage became 360.

Each time the spell hit, it lowered the enemy's prayer points by 10. This could be effective when doing Player vs. player activities. Like other prayer draining attacks, it didn't affect NPCs.

When cast, the spell appeared similar to the special attack of enchanted opal bolts.

With the introduction of Legacy Mode, this spell was reworked and returned as the special attack for the Saradomin staff. It requires no runes, and instead uses adrenaline.


Spell cost
4Air rune2Fire rune2Blood rune1,172
Combo runes
2Fire rune2Blood rune4Dust rune2,652
4Air rune2Blood rune2Lava rune2,234
2Blood rune4Smoke rune3,596
4Air rune2Blood rune2Steam rune2,230
2Fire rune2Blood rune4Mist rune4,500

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