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Sapphire glacialis (Hunter)

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This article is about the hunter creature. For the item of the same name, see Sapphire glacialis (item).
Sapphire glacialis
Sapphire glacialis 1
Release date Unknown edit
Hunter Level 25 / 85 (And 80 Agility)
Experience 70 / 400
Location Rellekka Hunter area
Trap Butterfly net or magic butterfly net
Retaliation No
Loot Sapphire glacialis (item)
Examine A sapphire glacialis. It doesn't look as pretentious as its name sounds.

The Sapphire glacialis is a butterfly caught at the Rellekka Hunter area area, north of Rellekka. When used on a player, it boost the target's Defence. As usual, it requires a butterfly net and butterfly jar to catch, both of which can be bought at any Hunter store.

At level 85 Hunter and 80 Agility, the player can catch a sapphire glacialis with his/her bare hands. To do this, the player must unequip any items he/she is holding and then click the butterfly The player will follow it until it is caught. Catching a sapphire glacialis with this method gives the player 400 Hunter and 70 Agility experience. However, after a butterfly is caught, the player will release it. Butterflies respawn very quickly; to minimise the amount of time running around trying to find them, camp a spot that spawns a butterfly with a small wander radius.

After catching a sapphire glacialis, players can use it on another player in a multicombat area to increase the other player's Defence level.

Sapphire glacialis butterflies are often mistaken for the more popular Snowy knights because they look similar and are found in the same area and can sometimes be difficult to see due to the colour of the ground.

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