This article is about saplings in Farming. For the strange saplings that spawn in random locations, see Evil Tree.
Curry sapling detail
Yew sapling

A Sapling is a tree seedling that has grown sufficiently to be planted in a Tree Patch. Like seedlings, saplings cannot be traded and players must have the appropriate Farming level to plant the sapling in a Tree Patch, which can be aided by temporary boosts but not the assist system. Players may apply compost or supercompost to a Tree Patch before planting the sapling.

Seedlings that grow into saplings whilst in storage in the bank will move to tab 1, unless that specific type of sapling is already present elsewhere. There is an option for the player to attempt to remove the seed from the plant pot, While this is not guaranteed, if a player has 99 farming and/or will never farm again, it is advised to do this with higher value tree seeds.

You have a chance of getting your seed back from the sapling by right-clicking it and selecting "Salvage seed". The chance of getting the seed back is approximately 75% with 99 Farming, though it is unknown if Farming level affects the odds.

Despite being untradeable and not actually farming produce, Tool Leprechauns will note saplings. Players should be careful when planting saplings as otherwise they will have to visit a bank to unnote them.

Tutorial Edit

Here are the steps to create a sapling for fruit trees or other trees.

  1. Buy the required seeds from the GE (eg. Acorn for Oak trees, or Apple tree seed for Apple trees)
  2. Buy plant pots from the Master Gardener at Taverley, or the GE (ensure the pots have soil in if buying form GE)
  3. Use the seeds with these plant pots
  4. Use a water can with the planted pots to water them
  5. Bank the planted pots
  6. Come back after the required time (couple hours) and withdraw the planted pots
  7. Use compost or supercompost with the tree patch
  8. Use the sapling with the tree patch to start growing a tree
  9. After the tree has grown you may cut it down for logs, and/or clear the patch to grow another tree.

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