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The Sanguinesti Liberation War is an unofficial name given to a conflicts around which the Myreque quest series centres. The Sanguinesti Liberation War began some years ago when the Myreque were formed by a Meiyerditch rebel named Safalaan Hallow, and only recently have they gained world attention.

One of the war's most notable features is its lack of open military conflict. This was largely been due to the Edicts of Guthix, which Guthix has been using to prevent open international conflict. Conflict gradually escalated though, when the Myreque evidently attacked Castle Drakan resulting in the death of Lowerniel Drakan, and all of the Myreque but Veliaf, Safalaan, the adventurer, and Ivan.

After a skirmish at Paterdomus with 3 Vyrewatch and the adventurer removing the Zamorakian Order of Paterdomus from the temple, and finally an attempt to strengthen the River Salve, the Morytanian Army of Vampyres and Werewolves arrived. After a tense standoff that saw Vampyre Juvinates get turned into Feral vampyre and the arrival, and defeat, of the Wyrd, Vanescula and the Morytanian Army withdrew.

The adventurer eventually discovered the means of curing Vampyrism, requiring the blood of the Wyrd, which was found to have been a changed Safalaan. After defeating Wyrd Safalaan and mixing his blood, the cure was applied to the River Salve.

The Morytanian and Misthalin armies arrived at Paterdomus once again, but as Vanescula began sending Vyrewatch over the bridge, they were transformed back into humans. Wyrd Safalaan was also able to revert to his human form. As the Vyrewatch were unable to attack, the Werewolves refused to attack as well sensing weakness. Vanescula, facing mutiny and possible exposure to the effects of the river, called for a truce.

In the end, Safalaan and Vanescula begin ruling Morytania together.

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