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Sanfew is the leader of the Druids in Taverley who is found in the building just southwest of the summoning instructor in Taverley. He plays a part in a couple of quests such as Druidic Ritual, Eadgar's Ruse and One Small Favour. He is the namesake of the Sanfew serum.

Thaerisk Cemphier will explain that Sanfew is a supporter of Crux Eqal.

2011 Christmas EventEdit

Sanfew attended the 2011 Christmas Event Banquet. He sat next to Bogrog and Wizard Sioncorn.

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Sanfew's voice

Trivia Edit

  • He was graphically updated for the 2011 Christmas Event.
  • Before the Burthorpe and Taverley update of 2012, Sanfew was located upstairs in the Taverley Herblore store.
  • If an item is used on him, he will say "Ow! Stop pokin' me with that thing, you young miscreant!"