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Sanfew chathead

Sanfew is the leader of the Druids in Taverley who is found in the building just southwest of the summoning instructor in Taverley. He plays a part in a couple of quests such as Druidic Ritual, Eadgar's Ruse and One Small Favour. He will take Goutweed in exchange for other herbs, selected at random. He is the namesake of the Sanfew serum.

Thaerisk Cemphier will tell you that Sanfew is a supporter of Crux Eqal.

2011 Christmas EventEdit

Sanfew attended the 2011 Christmas Event Banquet. He sat next to Bogrog and Wizard Sioncorn.

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Sanfew's voice

Trivia Edit

  • He was graphically updated for the 2011 Christmas Event.
  • Before the Burthorpe and Taverley update of 2012, Sanfew was located upstairs in the Taverley Herblore store.

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