Zombie head
San'tar spawnling was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
San'tar spawnling
San'tar spawnling pet
San'tar spawnling
Release date 17 December 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Demon
Source Christmas 2013
Interface No
Food No
Colour variations 1
Examine A mini festive demon.
San'tar spawnling chathead

The San'tar spawnling is a pet that could be received from the 2013 Christmas event. Players needed to have at least 2,000 naughty or nice points in total to be able to claim it. The spawnling is a miniature version of the Christmas event's antagonist, San'tar Klaws.

He can be reclaimed from Diango if dismissed. Alternatively, the pet can be stored in the toy box at the costume room in a player-owned house.



  • His line "That's my secret: I'm always angry, so I'm ALWAYS scary!" is a reference to Bruce Banner in Marvel's The Avengers, who says "That's my secret Captain: I'm always angry".
  • Players can use any item on him, and he will say "Your offering displeases me."

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