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Samaden potion (unf) detail

A samaden potion (unf) is an unfinished potion made via the Herblore skill during Herblore Habitat. Players make it by using a clean samaden on a juju vial of water.

It is used to make juju woodcutting potions at level 71 Herblore, juju mining potions at level 74, and Saradomin's blessing, Guthix's gift, and Zamorak's favour at level 75.


Samaden potion (unf) Samaden potion (unf)
Herblore-Make-X GE icon
0 XP--
Herblore Herblore level71
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Juju vial of waterJuju vial of water133
Clean samadenClean samaden1N/A-


Herblore Potion Secondary ingredient XP Use
71 Juju woodcutting potion Oily vine 160 Chance of finding a wood spirit while cutting trees.
74 Juju mining potion Draconic vine 168 Chance of finding a stone spirit while mining.
75 Saradomin's blessing Saradomin vine 179 Bonus Farming experience in Herblore Habitat.
Guthix's gift Guthix vine Bonus Herblore experience while making juju potions.
Zamorak's favour Zamorak vine Bonus Hunter experience in Herblore Habitat.

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