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Not to be confused with Salt in the Wound.
Salt the Wound
Salt the Wound
Release date 2 May 2017 (Update)
Members? Yes
Skill Ranged
Level 60
Type Threshold
Adrenaline −15%
Equipment None
Cooldown 15 seconds
Deals up to 188% weapon damage plus up to an additional 18% weapon damage for every Puncture stack on the enemy, also resets the duration of Puncture on the enemy.
Salt the Wound
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Salt the Wound is a Ranged ability that can be bought from the Shattered Worlds reward shop for 63,000,000 shattered anima.

The ability damage range begins at 37.6-188%, and can increase to a maximum of 112-368% with Puncture stacked 10 times. Unlike Shatter, the Constitution stack-based threshold ability, Salt the Wound does not remove stacks of Puncture, and instead refreshes Puncture's duration.

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