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Spirit of Saint Elspeth
Spirit of Saint Elspeth
Release date 7 November 2011 (Update)
Race Ghost
Members only Yes
Quest NPC One Piercing Note
Location Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede cellar
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine A holy ghost.
Saint Elspeth chathead

Elspeth is a legendary woman from the God Wars. She is featured in the lore The Song From Before The War. The quest, One Piercing Note, takes place in a Saradominist abbey built where Elspeth's bones were found. The Abbey of Saint Elspeth Citharede is occupied by an order of nuns dedicated to her.

In the lore, Elspeth is a human serving under Sergeant Mazakon, an icyene commander of Saradomin. Elspeth is a singer and musician who plays stirring songs for the troops of Saradomin, and to inspire others to join his cause - a practice the High Command of Saradomin used to get new recruits.

She is assailed and eventually killed by The Ripper, a horrific assassin-demon of Zamorak, which is sent to kill important units in the Saradomin ranks. However, her song about an icyene and his love from before the war is enough to kill the Ripper, and save the village and its inhabitants.

The Spirit of Saint Elspeth can be seen near the Reliquary in the abbey basement after the completion of the quest One Piercing Note and will give you the Holy cithara if you meet certain requirements. However, when spoken to, her voice sounds raspy and hoarse.

She has a small version of the Saradomin emblem, coloured the same bluish hue as her, floating above her head, and she seems to pray at the Reliquary.

Elspeth concept art

Artwork of Elspeth.


  • The prayer icon (the symbol of Saradomin) above the head of Elspeth is similar to the use of an aureola, a symbol in Christian art to identify a person to be a saint.
  • Elspeth is a traditional Scottish name equivalent to Elizabeth meaning "chosen by God" or "consecrated by God".
  • Her spirit speaks in iambic pentameter.

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