This article is about the cooked version. For the raw version, see Raw sailfish.
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Sailfish detail

Sailfish is a type of fish that can only be caught at the Deep Sea Fishing hub. Players need 97 Fishing to catch sailfish, and 99 Cooking to cook them. Fishing sailfish yields 420 experience when fished from a swift sailfish spot or 400 from a regular spot or a swarm, while cooking yields 270 experience. Sailfish are an ingredient in sailfish soup.

Sailfish heal up to 2,400 life points, depending on your Constitution level. They can also boost a player's life points by 10% above the maximum.

Tools/utensils Fishing rod
Ingredients Raw sailfish
Cooking level 99
Burn level Never (99 with cooking gauntlets or Cooking cape)
Cooking experience 270 (297 on bonfires)
Range-only No
Instructions Use a raw sailfish with a fire or a range.
Servings 1


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