Sachem hoardstalker chathead

A sachem hoardstalker is a familiar used in Dungeoneering. He requires level 95 in Summoning to summon. As a Hoardstalker, his primary function is to forage supplies for a player to use within Daemonheim, though use of his special ability will also provide a boost to players' skills.

Sachem hoardstalker pouchEdit


A sachem hoardstalker is a Dungeoneering familiar pouch that can only be made in Daemonheim. To make one, a player will need a Tyrannomastyx hide and a Blue charm.

Aptitude (tier 10) scrollEdit


The sachem hoardstalker enables the use of the Aptitude special ability for a Sachem hoardstalker. Using a Sachem hoardstalker pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates ten Sachem hoardstalker scrolls.


Aptitude is the special move of the Sachem hoardstalker activated by using a Aptitude scroll. It grants the player an invisible skill boost of +10 to all skills.


The sachem hoardstalker forages up to tier 10 items in his pack, such as Promethium ore, Tyrannomastyx hides, Grave creeper branches, Spiritbloom, and Raw cave morays.