Loots Cape
Release date 9 January 2018
Members No
Slot Back
Recolourable No
A cloak for streamers.
This cosmetic will not display
in PvP-enabled areas.

The Loots Cape is a cosmetic override for the cape slot that was first made available on 9 January 2018 via January's Twitch loot crate [1]. However, the cape could be obtained as early as 1 January 2018, before the first January stream, if the player saved a previously obtained loot crate and opened it in January. [2] It was a guaranteed reward from Twitch loot crates obtained through the LootScape livestream on 28 January 2018, 30 January 2018 and 4 February 2018.[3]

Getting the CapeEdit

Players can get the cape by following the steps below:[4]

  1. Create a Twitch account
  2. Login to your RuneScape account on the RuneScape website
  3. Click the "Link My Accounts" button on this page
  4. Watch one of the RuneScape Twitch livestreams for at least few minutes
    1. Livestreams are conducted on every Tuesday and Friday at 16:00 game time
    2. Disable your AdBlocker on the Twitch website, or you may not get the loot crate
  5. The loot crate should appear in your inventory the following day
  6. Click on the loot crate to get the loots cape (you may have to watch a few streams to get it)



Loots Cape news image

News post image of the Loots Cape

  • This item was originally added to the game config on 1 July 2014.
    • The cloak was originally meant to be obtained by linking your Twitch account with your RuneScape account and redeeming a code at Diango.[5]
  • This item was previously called the Runestream Cloak in the game config.