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Runesphere icon

The Runesphere is a distraction in the Runespan. It generally requires multiple people to successfully siphon off its many layers of runic energy, converting rune essence into runes of whichever stage it is currently. Players also receive two rune dust per siphon, which can be exchanged with the runesphere core for 25 Runecrafting experience per dust. The runesphere will disappear after an hour regardless of whether or not all of the layers have been siphoned. You can gain a maximum of 1000 rune dust in a day and can only gain rune dust from one of the runespheres a day, and can only hand in dust once per day. You may still interact with other runespheres each day for just experience and points.

Runespan EventEdit

When a Runesphere is active in the Runespan, a message in your chatbox and an icon will appear at the top left of your screen, saying "Runesphere Active on the bottom/middle floor". You then can go and find the runesphere on that floor at your world. It is not always located on the floor you are currently on, so you might have to go up or down floors to find it.

When you've found it you can start drawing runes and experience from it by siphoning it. When a layer is destroyed, it will turn to the next layer down from the current rune until it reaches air runes and then transforms into pure energy. The type is changed after some time even if it isn't siphoned.

Siphoning a Runesphere

A player siphons from the rune sphere


A Runesphere changing elements

While siphoning the sphere, two rune dust will appear in your inventory, for each rune siphoned, which can be given to the ball of Rune energy that appears after breaking the whole sphere in return for the experience.

Layer Level to siphon XP Gain Rune rewarded
Air 1 Runecrafting-icon 11.4 Air rune (Runespan) Air runes
Mind Runecrafting-icon 12 Mind rune (Runespan) Mind runes
Water 15 Runecrafting-icon 15.1 Water rune (Runespan) Water runes
Earth 22 Runecrafting-icon 17.1 Earth rune (Runespan) Earth runes
Fire 29 Runecrafting-icon 20 Fire rune (Runespan) Fire runes
Body 36 Runecrafting-icon 27 Body rune (Runespan) Body runes
Cosmic (m) 43 Runecrafting-icon 31.8 Cosmic rune (Runespan) Cosmic runes
Chaos (m) 50 Runecrafting-icon 38.8 Chaos rune (Runespan) Chaos runes
Astral (m) 57 Runecrafting-icon 42.8 Astral rune (Runespan) Astral runes
Nature (m) 64 Runecrafting-icon 52 Nature rune (Runespan) Nature runes
Law (m) 71 Runecrafting-icon 64.5 Law rune (Runespan) Law runes
Death (m) 78 Runecrafting-icon 72 Death rune (Runespan) Death runes
Blood (m)

85 Runecrafting-icon

88 Blood rune (Runespan) Blood runes
Soul (m) 92 Runecrafting-icon 106.5 Soul rune (Runespan) Soul runes


  • You can't get any more Rune dust from a Runesphere when you have logged out or have been to the lobby after you siphoned or attempted to siphon from it. It will say: You have already siphoned from a Runesphere today. You will still earn XP, but no Rune dust.
  • Depending on your Runecrafting level, it is often better xp to ignore the runesphere when it is at a lower energy state as it can only provide xp per rune created.
  • If you start to siphon dust from a Runesphere, even if you do not gain any dust, it will still count as your daily siphoning limit.



  • Runespheres also appeared during the See the Future teaser before the Runespan release. During the duration of the event, it changed elements before fading with the rifts that the event created.
  • Runespheres work in a similar manner to the Shooting Star D&D, with players removing layers, gathering a form of dust, and turning the dust in at the end for a further reward.
  • Sometimes the symbols on the Runesphere are inverted. For example when the Runesphere is at the cosmic stage two of the symbols are upside down and the third is the correct way up. 

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