Runesphere (air)
Release date 30 April 2012 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Runespan
Examine A floating ball glowing with (current rune type) energy.
Runesphere icon

The runesphere is an object that appears in the Runespan that can be siphoned for runes, and rune dust, and Runecrafting experience. Siphoning the runesphere requires rune essence. Each successful siphon will reward the player between one and six runes, depending on the type of rune layer the runesphere is on. When all the layers of the runesphere have been siphoned off, a ball of pure energy will be revealed. Players can hand in rune dust to the pure energy, resulting in 25 Runecrafting experience per energy. A maximum of 1,000 rune dust can be obtained and handed in each day, making the maximum amount of experience able to be obtained from the pure energy each day 25,000. Players cannot own more than 1,000 rune dust at a time. Players will still be able to get Runecrafting experience from siphoning runespheres if they own the maximum amount of rune dust.

The runesphere will slowly lose layers regardless of whether or not anyone has siphoned it. Assuming the runesphere starts on the soul layer, it will last for approximately 38 minutes and 37 seconds (2317 seconds) before reverting to its core. It will disappear after 1 hour and 20 seconds (3620 seconds) have passed after it spawns. After it disappears, a new one will spawn in 2 hours 30 minutes and 50 seconds (9050 seconds). They spawn and disappear on each world at the same time, but not necessarily the same location. The spawn phase is depending on the floor number. If it spawns on the top floor, it will usually spawn at Soul phase, middle floor at Chaos phase and bottom floor Body phase.

Finding the sphereEdit

Siphoning a Runesphere

A player siphons from the rune sphere


A runesphere changing elements

When a runesphere is active in the Runespan, a message in your chatbox and an icon will appear at the top left of your screen, saying "Runesphere Active on the bottom/middle/top floor". You then can go and find the runesphere on that floor at your world. It is not always located on the floor you are currently on, so you might have to go up or down floors to find it. When you are at the correct floor you can ask the wizards to get information about the location; they will tell you which compass direction to travel to find the runesphere, but they will not provide a minimap arrow like they do for the yellow wizard. You can also get a runesphere teleport from Wizard Rinsit for 2,000 Runespan points.


Layer Level to siphon XP Gain Rune rewarded Duration
Air 1 Runecrafting-icon 19 Air rune (Runespan) Air runes 2 minutes
Mind 8 Runecrafting-icon 20 Mind rune (Runespan) Mind runes 2 minutes 7 seconds
Water 15 Runecrafting-icon 25.3 Water rune (Runespan) Water runes 2 minutes 14 seconds
Earth 22 Runecrafting-icon 28.6 Earth rune (Runespan) Earth runes 2 minutes 21 seconds
Fire 29 Runecrafting-icon 34.8 Fire rune (Runespan) Fire runes 2 minutes 28 seconds
Body 36 Runecrafting-icon 46.2 Body rune (Runespan) Body runes 2 minutes 35 seconds
Cosmic (m) 42 Runecrafting-icon 53.2 Cosmic rune (Runespan) Cosmic runes 2 minutes 42 seconds
Chaos (m) 50 Runecrafting-icon 61.5 Chaos rune (Runespan) Chaos runes 2 minutes 49 seconds
Astral (m) 57 Runecrafting-icon 71.33 Astral rune (Runespan) Astral runes 2 minutes 56 seconds
Nature (m) 64 Runecrafting-icon 87 Nature rune (Runespan) Nature runes 3 minutes 3 seconds
Law (m) 71 Runecrafting-icon 107.5 Law rune (Runespan) Law runes 3 minutes 10 seconds
Death (m) 78 Runecrafting-icon 120 Death rune (Runespan) Death runes 3 minutes 17 seconds
Blood (m) 85 Runecrafting-icon 146.3 Blood rune (Runespan) Blood runes 3 minutes 24 seconds
Soul (m) 92 Runecrafting-icon 213 Soul rune (Runespan) Soul runes 3 minutes 31 seconds

Note: these times are experimented while siphoning, as there is evidence that a layer may last longer without siphoning. It will not necessarily start with the soul layer; on lower floors it starts at lower levels.


  • The runesphere can be a great source of runes for island hopping as it provides every rune in the game.
  • At level 99, the best time to arrive at the runesphere is water phase, although it is possible to get 1000 dust if you start at the very beginning of mind phase. At lower levels you may benefit from other phases.
  • It is often more efficient to ignore the runesphere when it is at a lower energy state as other higher nodes will give better experience rates. This does not normally apply to lower leveled players or before you have gathered 1000 rune dust.
  • It is possible to stack the runesphere with your regular daily challenge in the Runespan.



  • Runespheres also appeared during the See the Future teaser before the Runespan release. During the duration of the event, it changed elements before fading with the rifts that the event created.
  • Runespheres work in a similar manner to the Shooting Star D&D, with players removing layers, gathering a form of dust, and turning the dust in at the end for a further reward.
  • Sometimes the symbols on the runesphere are inverted. For example, when the runesphere is at the cosmic stage two of the symbols are upside down and the third is the correct way up.