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Runed sceptre detail

The runed sceptre is obtainable by combining a bottom of sceptre and a top of sceptre. They are both dropped from monsters in the Stronghold of Security. Combining this item with a strange skull results in a skull sceptre. It can not be equipped until you have added the strange skull onto it. The bottom of sceptre is dropped from Flesh Crawlers and the top of sceptre is dropped by catablepons. The sceptre's name is not, as many people believe, a typo of the word "ruined", but instead refers to how it has runes written on it somehow.

When combined with the strange skull, the pieces form the skull sceptre. The skull sceptre, when completed, teleports the user to the mines in Gunnarsgrunn, just above the Stronghold of Security. The sceptre will have five charges or, if the final assembly step is performed while the Varrock armour is worn, it will have ten charges.


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