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Runecrafting guild token detail

Runecrafting guild tokens are tokens that are awarded while playing The Great Orb Project minigame. All rounds of the minigame (8 for members and 6 for free players) need to be completed to receive the reward. However an exceptional case is early termination of game if a team is too imbalanced due to players leaving, in which other players are awarded tokens assuming they lose the following altars regardless of the results of previous altars. These can be traded with Wizard Elriss to exchange for runecrafting gear, tablets, talismans, essence and talisman staves.

The rewarding system is defined as follows for each altar:

  • Win: 100 tokens
  • Draw: 25 tokens
  • Loss: 10 tokens

In addition, members will receive an additional 200 tokens if their team won the majority of the altars and free players will get an additional 150 tokens.

Thus, the maximum number of tokens that can be won during a round of the minigame is 1,000 tokens for members, and 750 for free players.

There are currently two measures of value of these tokens in free worlds. By exchanging the tokens in 1:1 ratio rune essence, the value of tokens equals the value of rune essence. Apart from exchanging all the tokens in single trip, players can also choose to bring at least 50 tokens for exchanging in 50:1 ratio to water talismans, which gives even more value to the tokens. There is a limitation of 1350 tokens per exchange is due to the fact that talismans cannot be obtained in the guild in noted forms. However, a deposit box has been added into the Runecrafting Guild nearby Wizard Vief. This greatly speeds up the process.

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