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Runecrafting & Summoning Rifts was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Large Rift

Runecrafting & Summoning Rifts was a five-day event and Treasure Hunter promotion. It was released on 7 April 2016 and ended on 11 April, although some features would remain until 18 April. The event was open to Ironman Mode players and free-to-play players may participate in the Runecrafting parts of the event and promotion.

Players can help to repair rifts to the shadow realm, which have been opened by Janus, under the control of Sliske. Interacting with the rifts grants players Runecrafting or Summoning experience. There are two types of rift: A large rift, found north-east of the Draynor lodestone, and small rifts, found at various places throughout Gielinor. Small rifts give greater amount of experience than large rifts. However, their locations vary while the large rift is always found near Draynor.

Rift closing reward progress interface

Reward progress which can be viewed by speaking to Zumblefloof

Closing rifts also earns progress toward cosmetic override rewards of Dryad Wings and Runic Essence Wings, which are unlocked separately by gaining Summoning and Runecrafting experience at the rifts, respectively.

Players have a daily amount of fatigue which limits how long they may close rifts for each day. The amount of fatigue a player has can be checked while at a rift. Consumable Rift sunderers which can be won from Treasure Hunter that allow the player to close rifts without affecting their daily fatigue limit.

The main part of the event ended on 11 April. After this time, players would no longer be able to win more rift sunderers from Treasure Hunter and Small Rifts would not spawn. However players would be able to use any previously obtained rift sunderers at the Large Rift, which would remain until 18 April.