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For the music track, see Runed Behemoth (music track).
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The Runebound behemoth is a Dungeoneering boss monster encountered on the Occult floors, requiring a Dungeoneering level of 71 to encounter and fight. It is a Behemoth that was created by imbuing Rune magic onto it as a way to tame it and make it more powerful. This method was developed by Lexicus Runewright.

The behemoth is a large beast that has the ability to hit hard and protect against multiple combat styles. Fighting this boss requires quite a high level of input from the team – activating crystals around the room, using multiple combat styles, dealing with high levels of damage. As such, many players can find this boss frustrating.


Level Life points
91 10000
93 11100
96 12321
99 15181

Combat abilitiesEdit

The behemoth is a large beast with the ability to use all three protection prayers simultaneously. While these prayers are active, it is invulnerable to the corresponding damage (melee, ranged, magic), except Vengeance (the behemoth cannot be poisoned). However, within the room are three active crystals (mage, range, melee) that must be deactivated to remove the respective protection prayer for a few seconds. Players must wait nearly 30 seconds before deactivating each crystal, meaning that 2 attack styles are advised for faster killing. The protection prayer(s) currently active will be shown above the behemoth as with normal protection prayers. For example, when all three styles are protected against, the following icon displays: Protect from all.

It mainly attacks with both range and magic when the target player has no protection prayers activated. If a player activates Protect from Magic, the monster will exclusively use its range attacks, and vice versa. It will also use melee if the player gets within melee distance. The boss attacks slowly, but can deal considerable amounts of damage for its level.

Like other behemoths, if a player runs under the Runebound behemoth, it will trample the player under its body, hitting between 300 and 400 life points. Caution should be taken when entering a room and running to deactivate a crystal. It will trample you immediately if you stand under it for even a second. This is unlike other behemoths, where you have to wait for several seconds to be trampled. Getting trampled will result in "The beast tramples you." It deals much more damage than its counterparts when trampling.

The Runebound behemoth also has a special attack, in which it first roars charging energy, then scatters yellowish energy orbs into the air. This attack has a short delay before hitting the floor and thus hitting you. Massive damage is dealt from this attack, usually around 5300 or more total damage, in a single hit, and it cannot be nullified by Protect from Magic. The attack splits into particles when released and explode on the floor, they can be evaded by calculating where they will land and running out of the way. If you should be hit by multiple orbs at once, death is almost guaranteed. It can only use its special attack if none of the 3 crystals are deactivated at any one time, and stops using it when even one of them is deactivated. Whenever it uses this special attack, it resets its protection prayers and the crystals do not become active again, meaning you having to wait another 30 seconds if you had just activated them.


Crystals pillars dung

One of the power crystals.

The idea is to constantly move between the crystals to de-activate one of the Behemoth's protection prayers, while changing combat styles accordingly. If a player carefully watches the protection prayer sigils over the monster's head, there should be no problem with the special attack.

By bringing in two types of attack, and deactivating the appropriate two crystals, the boss is easily defeated without it being able to get off a special attack.

For example, a player might bring in range and melee weapons. Carefully avoiding being stomped, the player runs to the Warrior Crystal, disables the boss's anti-Melee prayer and attacks. When the Melee prayer sigil re-appears over the monster's head, the player then runs to the range crystal and switches to a range weapon.

Alternatively, the players on the team can pick different combat styles between them and stand by the different crystals. By doing so, less running is required between the crystals and multiple combat styles are always covered.

If you get hit heavily by one of its attacks, teleport out and eat. Staying in there will just cause you to get hit even more and potentially kill you.


The most effective set-up is to equip items with high defence against range (or melee); and pray against Magic. As such, it is easier to attack with range or melee. 

The boss hits extremely hard and with high accuracy, so it may be recommended to take good food, such as 10-20 Salve eels, Blue crabs or Cave morays.

Due to the behemoth's damage output, players may consider using Vengeance spells, which are highly effective at taking bits of health away from it quickly and efficiently.

Special attackEdit

There are three known ways to avoid the special attack:

  1. The first and most efficient method can only be performed right before entering its room. While it is roaming through its room, the behemoth will periodically shout "Rraaaaawr!" and perform the special attack animation as if it was using the special attack, but no energy orbs will be launched. About 2 seconds after the animation ends, quickly enter the room and deactivate one of the crystals to prevent it from using the attack again, then keep making sure there is always at least one crystal deactivated.
  2. The second method is to teleport outside when the Runebound behemoth starts charging the special attack and re-enter a little bit after, once all of the orbs have disappeared. The energy orbs seem to target one spot, not the whole room.
  3. The third and most dangerous method is to run away from the energy orbs as they quickly approach you.

Solo strategyEdit

Runebound behemoth fight

Fighting the behemoth.

It is possible to solo the Runebound behemoth with a good tactic. This strategy needs 64 Magic to be done correctly. All you will need is a lot of cosmic and law runes. First, create normal gatestone outside of the boss room. When he activates his special attack, quickly run into room to the crystal that matches with your attack style (for example: If you're attacking with magic, run to Mage Crystal). Drop group gatestone at it and attack the behemoth. When the behemoth regains its prayer, quickly teleport out of room using your normal gatestone. Create a gatestone and drop it in front of boss room. After he activates his special, teleport to your group gatestone, de-activate the crystal and attack him again. Repeat this technique until he's dead.

Alternatively, a combination of Ranged and Melee also works well. Upon entering the room, quickly deactivate the stone that corresponds to your primary style, and attack the behemoth a few times. Before the first stone reactivates, run over to the stone of your secondary style and deactivate it. From this point on, it's simply a matter of keeping the behemoth "pinned" between the power of the two inactive crystals, so that it never has access to all three protections prayers at once while you still remain able to attack it at will. Be careful when running to deactivate the crystals, though - clicking on a crystal whilst in melee combat runs the risk of having you run through the behemoth, and subsequently being trampled for high damage.

It is also possible to simply stand behind one of the crystals to prevent the boss from using its standard ranged and magic attacks. This makes a solo strategy involving a single attack style workable, but will not prevent the Behemoth from using the special attack, which can be very dangerous due to its devastating hits.

Drops Edit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Salve robe bottomSalve robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Wildercress robe bottomWildercress robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Blightleaf robe bottomBlightleaf robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Roseblood robe bottomRoseblood robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Bryll robe bottomBryll robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Duskweed robe bottomDuskweed robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Soulbell robe bottomSoulbell robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Ectorobe bottomEctorobe bottom1RandomNot sold
Runic robe bottomRunic robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Spiritbloom robe bottomSpiritbloom robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Celestial robe bottomCelestial robe bottom1RandomNot sold
Salve shieldSalve shield1RandomNot sold
Wildercress shieldWildercress shield1RandomNot sold
Blightleaf shieldBlightleaf shield1RandomNot sold
Roseblood shieldRoseblood shield1RandomNot sold
Bryll shieldBryll shield1RandomNot sold
Duskweed shieldDuskweed shield1RandomNot sold
Soulbell shieldSoulbell shield1RandomNot sold
EctoshieldEctoshield1RandomNot sold
Runic shieldRunic shield1RandomNot sold
Spiritbloom shieldSpiritbloom shield1RandomNot sold
Celestial shieldCelestial shield1RandomNot sold
Mysterious chronicleMysterious chronicle1CommonNot sold
Behemoth notesBehemoth notes (part 4)1CommonNot sold


  • The name of Runebound Behemoth's music track is spelled Runed Behemoth.(with boun inside Runebound missing)

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