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Rune equipment are items made from the runite metal, and are the second best (but best non-degradable) equipment in free to play worlds. It is stronger than adamant equipment but weaker than corrupt dragon equipment.

Rune WeaponsEdit

Rune weapons are cyan and require an Attack level of 50 (apart from the rune cane, which requires only 48) to wield. They were formerly the best weapons available to free players until the introduction of Corrupted dragon equipment and the Gravite weapons. However, they are still regarded as the best weapons in F2P, as they do not disappear like corrupt dragon, and do not degrade like gravite.

Melee weaponsEdit

Image Name GE Price Members Only
Rune dagger Rune dagger 3,688 coins (update) No
Rune claw Rune claw 12,371 coins (update) Yes
Rune hatchet Rune hatchet 7,385 coins (update) No
Rune mace Rune mace 6,956 coins (update) No
Rune sword Rune sword 10,981 coins (update) No
Rune longsword Rune longsword 17,781 coins (update) No
Rune scimitar Rune scimitar 15,073 coins (update) No
Rune spear Rune spear 9,881 coins (update) Yes
Rune hasta Rune hasta 15,936 coins (update) Yes
Rune warhammer Rune warhammer 23,050 coins (update) No
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 23,336 coins (update) No
Rune 2h sword Rune two-handed sword 36,509 coins (update) No
Rune halberd Rune halberd 74,286 coins (update) Yes
Rune pickaxe Rune pickaxe 18,638 coins (update) No
Rune defender Rune defender N/A Yes
Rune cane Rune cane 29,270 coins (update) Yes

Off-hand weaponsEdit

Image Name GE Price Members Only
Off-hand rune battleaxe Off-hand rune battleaxe 24,580 coins (update) No
Off-hand rune crossbow Off-hand rune crossbow 10,304 coins (update) Yes
Off-hand rune dagger Off-hand rune dagger 3,839 coins (update) No
Off-hand rune knife Off-hand rune knife 2,355 coins (update) No
Off-hand rune longsword Off-hand rune longsword 17,518 coins (update) No
Off-hand rune mace Off-hand rune mace 7,304 coins (update) No
Off-hand rune scimitar Off-hand rune scimitar 22,910 coins (update) No
Off-hand rune sword Off-hand rune sword 11,799 coins (update) No
Off-hand rune throwing axe Off-hand rune throwing axe 734 coins (update) Yes
Off-hand rune warhammer Off-hand rune warhammer 26,466 coins (update) No
Off-hand rune claw Off-hand rune claw 9,417 coins (update) Yes
Off-hand rune dart Off-hand rune dart 954 coins (update) Yes

Ranged weaponsEdit

Image Name GE Price Members Only
Rune crossbow Rune crossbow 8,223 coins (update) Yes
Rune 2h crossbow Rune 2h crossbow 7,266 coins (update) Yes
Runite bolts 1 Rune bolts 702 coins (update) Yes
Rune arrow 1 Rune arrow 151 coins (update) No
Rune brutal 1 Rune brutal arrows 1,010 coins (update) Yes
Rune dart Rune darts 161 coins (update) Yes
Rune javelin Rune javelin 188 coins (update) No
Rune throwing axe Rune throwing axe 986 coins (update) Yes
Rune knife Rune knife 1,699 coins (update) No

Armour Edit

Rune armour is the highest-quality non-degradable armour that free-to-play players can wear, and the second-highest quality armour on the standard metallic armour spectrum (bronze to dragon). Rune armour requires 50 Defence to wear, though the rune platebody also requires completion of Dragon Slayer.

Name Image Exchange Price Store Price
Rune helm Rune helm 10,054 N/A
Rune full helm Rune full helm 19,259 N/A
Rune chainbody Rune chainbody 28,344 50,000
Rune platebody Rune platebody 37,297 65,500
Rune platelegs Rune platelegs 36,326 64,000
Rune plateskirt Rune plateskirt 36,624 64,000
Rune square shield Rune sq shield 21,898 N/A
Rune kiteshield Rune kiteshield 30,501 N/A
Rune spikeshield Rune spikeshieldRune spikeshield 0 48,653 (in uncharged form) 200 FoG tokens (in charged form)
Rune berserker shield Rune berserker shieldRune berserker shield 0 47,494 (in uncharged form) 300 FoG tokens (in charged form)
Rune boots Rune boots 7,099 N/A
Rune gloves(m) Culinaromancer's gloves 8 N/A 5,000
Rune gauntlets Rune gauntlets 3,243 N/A

Obtaining from the Champions' Guild Edit

Rune armour is the best type of armour for a non-member; the only armour that's better statistically is the corrupt dragon armour, which crumbles to dust after 30 minutes and is very expensive. For this reason, rune armour is more popular among non-members. The rune platebody can only be worn after the completion of the Dragon Slayer quest, though all other pieces of rune armour can be worn without its completion - rune platelegs, rune plateskirts, rune chainbodies, rune swords, rune maces, etc. can be bought in Scavvo's Rune Store on the 1st floor[UK] of the Champions' Guild just south of Varrock or the Grand Exchange.

  • Rune plateskirt: 64,000 coins
  • Rune platelegs: 64,000 coins
  • Rune chainbody: 50,000 coins
  • Rune longsword: 32,000 coins
  • Rune sword: 20,800 coins
  • Rune mace: 14,400 coins


Ornamental rune armour, heraldic rune armour, trimmed rune armour, god armour, and gilded armour have the same bonuses as standard rune armour, except for some prayer bonuses on the god armours. These can be obtained from the member's only Treasure Trails.

Rune armour set (t) equipped

A player wearing full rune trimmed armour.

Trimmed (Free-to-play)

Image Type GE Price
Rune full helm (t) Rune full helm (t) 19,857 coins (update)
Rune platebody (t) Rune platebody (t) 38,033 coins (update)
Rune platelegs (t) Rune platelegs (t) 42,201 coins (update)
Rune plateskirt (t) Rune plateskirt (t) 36,351 coins (update)
Rune kiteshield (t) Rune kiteshield (t) 30,698 coins (update)

Gold-trimmed (free-to-play)

Image Type GE Price
Rune full helm (g) Rune full helm (g) 82,010 coins (update)
Rune platebody (g) Rune platebody (g) 129,608 coins (update)
Rune platelegs (g) Rune platelegs (g) 92,025 coins (update)
Rune plateskirt (g) Rune plateskirt (g) 36,438 coins (update)
Rune kiteshield (g) Rune kiteshield (g) 36,787 coins (update)


Image Type GE Price
Gilded full helm Gilded full helm 397,715 coins (update)
Gilded platebody Gilded platebody 3,578,459 coins (update)
Gilded platelegs Gilded platelegs 728,117 coins (update)
Gilded plateskirt Gilded plateskirt 72,853 coins (update)
Gilded kiteshield Gilded kiteshield 235,600 coins (update)

Rune heraldic armour (free-to-play)

Image Type GE Price
Rune helm (h1) Rune helm (h1) 19,605 coins (update)
Rune platebody (h1) Rune platebody (h1) 36,411 coins (update)
Rune platelegs (h1) Rune platelegs (h1) 35,081 coins (update)
Rune plateskirt (h1) Rune plateskirt (h1) 34,701 coins (update)
Rune shield (h1) Rune shield (h1) 29,387 coins (update)
Image Type GE Price
Rune helm (h2) Rune helm (h2) 18,535 coins (update)
Rune platebody (h2) Rune platebody (h2) 36,800 coins (update)
Rune platelegs (h2) Rune platelegs (h2) 35,274 coins (update)
Rune plateskirt (h2) Rune plateskirt (h2) 34,865 coins (update)
Rune shield (h2) Rune shield (h2) 29,870 coins (update)
Image Type GE Price
Rune helm (h3) Rune helm (h3) 18,610 coins (update)
Rune platebody (h3) Rune platebody (h3) 35,816 coins (update)
Rune platelegs (h3) Rune platelegs (h3) 34,696 coins (update)
Rune plateskirt (h3) Rune plateskirt (h3) 35,077 coins (update)
Rune shield (h3) Rune shield (h3) 29,273 coins (update)
Image Type GE Price
Rune helm (h4) Rune helm (h4) 18,845 coins (update)
Rune platebody (h4) Rune platebody (h4) 36,066 coins (update)
Rune platelegs (h4) Rune platelegs (h4) 35,177 coins (update)
Rune plateskirt (h4) Rune plateskirt (h4) 35,454 coins (update)
Rune shield (h4) Rune shield (h4) 29,508 coins (update)
Image Type GE Price
Rune helm (h5) Rune helm (h5) 19,315 coins (update)
Rune platebody (h5) Rune platebody (h5) 35,951 coins (update)
Rune platelegs (h5) Rune platelegs (h5) 35,336 coins (update)
Rune plateskirt (h5) Rune plateskirt (h5) 35,403 coins (update)
Rune shield (h5) Rune shield (h5) 29,909 coins (update)

God armour (free-to-play) Edit

Guthix armour set (lg) male equipped

A player wearing Guthixian rune armour.


Image Type GE Price
Zamorak full helm Zamorak full helm 462,195 coins (update)
Zamorak platebody Zamorak platebody 520,203 coins (update)
Zamorak platelegs Zamorak platelegs 464,320 coins (update)
Zamorak plateskirt Zamorak plateskirt 84,659 coins (update)
Zamorak kiteshield Zamorak kiteshield 249,338 coins (update)


Image Type GE Price
Guthix full helm Guthix full helm 54,626 coins (update)
Guthix platebody Guthix platebody 85,638 coins (update)
Guthix platelegs Guthix platelegs 48,343 coins (update)
Guthix plateskirt Guthix plateskirt 36,768 coins (update)
Guthix kiteshield Guthix kiteshield 30,705 coins (update)


Image Type GE Price
Saradomin full helm Saradomin full helm 166,877 coins (update)
Saradomin platebody Saradomin platebody 438,663 coins (update)
Saradomin platelegs Saradomin platelegs 127,054 coins (update)
Saradomin plateskirt Saradomin plateskirt 37,023 coins (update)
Saradomin kiteshield Saradomin kiteshield 59,908 coins (update)


Image Type GE Price
Armadyl full helm Armadyl full helm 24,047 coins (update)
Armadyl platebody Armadyl platebody 37,960 coins (update)
Armadyl platelegs Armadyl platelegs 36,118 coins (update)
Armadyl plateskirt Armadyl plateskirt 35,339 coins (update)
Armadyl kiteshield Armadyl kiteshield 29,927 coins (update)


Image Type GE Price
Bandos full helm Bandos full helm 19,970 coins (update)
Bandos platebody Bandos platebody 37,422 coins (update)
Bandos platelegs Bandos platelegs 35,522 coins (update)
Bandos plateskirt Bandos plateskirt 35,407 coins (update)
Bandos kiteshield Bandos kiteshield 30,890 coins (update)

Ancient (Zaros)

Image Type GE Price
Ancient full helm Ancient full helm 19,440 coins (update)
Ancient platebody Ancient platebody 37,239 coins (update)
Ancient platelegs Ancient platelegs 35,221 coins (update)
Ancient plateskirt Ancient plateskirt 35,643 coins (update)
Ancient kiteshield Ancient kiteshield 30,031 coins (update)



  • Rune plate armour has the highest number of variations, at 15. The second highest are black plate and adamant plate, with 8 variations each.
  • On 6 March 2012, rune armour, along with many other armours, received a graphical rework.
  • Before Evolution of Combat release, it only required 40 Attack or 40 Defence to wield/wear rune.

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