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This article has a calculator here.
Calculators determine experience and costs based on real-time prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.
This article has a calculator here.
Calculators determine experience and costs based on real-time prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.
Rune Goldberg Machine
Rune Goldberg Machine
Release date 15 September 2014 (Update)
Area Runecrafting Guild
Members Yes
Frequency Daily
Skills Runecrafting
Currency Vis wax

The Rune Goldberg Machine is a Distraction and Diversion that involves using the Rune Goldberg Machine, invented by Wizard Goldberg, to turn runes into vis wax, a substance with a variety of effects. It is located in the eastern section of the Runecrafting Guild, giving it a requirement of 50 Runecrafting to access.

This activity cannot be reset by a D&D token. It also does not reset when a player is a non-member; if a player completes the activity before their membership expires and becomes a member again later, they must wait until the following reset before the machine could be used again.


Rune Goldberg Machine interface

The interface when operating the machine

The Rune Goldberg Machine accepts three different rune types at a time, assigning a different value to each rune. These values are indicative of the efficiency of that rune type when actually used in that slot. It accepts any rune, with the exception of Armadyl runes. These values change daily. Players can insert runes into the machine to see their value, but for every combination tried, the required amount of runes of each of the three types selected will be increased by 0.5% (resets daily). The total value of the runes affects how much vis wax is created. The interface will show red, orange or green dots on the left hand side of the interface depending on whether the rune you have placed in that slot is a bad, an OK or a good match. If the rune you've placed in the machine matches the value of the 'best in slot' rune it will show green. Should the rune have a value of less than 50% then this will show red, and a value that is more than 50% will show orange.

The following table shows the profit and number of runes of a particular type that are required to feed such runes into the machine, assuming the player has obtained the maximum vis wax of the slot (as 0.5% is charged even on the first try). Lastly, it is assumed that vis wax is sold for its medium price: 9,133.

Rune Base amount GE Price Amount per try

(rounds down)

Cost per try Base profit
for green in
slot 1 or 2
Base profit
for green in
slot 3
Mud rune Mud rune 300 175,500 1.5 877.5 97,612.5 188,942.5
Astral rune Astral rune 300 123,900 1.5 619.5 149,470.5 240,800.5
Law rune Law rune 300 102,300 1.5 511.5 171,178.5 262,508.5
Soul rune Soul rune 300 117,000 1.5 585 156,405 247,735
Nature rune Nature rune 350 158,900 1.5 681 114,295.5 205,625.5
Blood rune Blood rune 350 210,700 1.5 903 62,236.5 153,566.5
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune 400 103,600 2 518 169,872 261,202
Death rune Death rune 400 64,800 2 324 208,866 300,196
Dust rune Dust rune 500 424,000 2.5 2,120 -152,130 -60,800
Lava rune Lava rune 500 419,500 2.5 2,097.5 -147,607.5 -56,277.5
Mist rune Mist rune 500 407,000 2.5 2,035 -135,045 -43,715
Smoke rune Smoke rune 500 398,000 2.5 1,990 -126,000 -34,670
Steam rune Steam rune 500 328,000 2.5 1,640 -55,650 35,680
Chaos rune Chaos rune 500 44,500 2.5 222.5 229,267.5 320,597.5
Air rune Air rune 1,000 44,000 5 220 229,770 321,100
Water rune Water rune 1,000 22,000 5 110 251,880 343,210
Earth rune Earth rune 1,000 20,000 5 100 253,890 345,220
Fire rune Fire rune 1,000 91,000 5 455 182,535 273,865
Mind rune Mind rune 2,000 34,000 10 170 239,820 331,150
Body rune Body rune 2,000 54,000 10 270 219,720 311,050

Each of the three slots has a "best" rune, which changes daily. The first slot counts for 30% of the total vis wax, and is the same for every player. The second slot also counts for 30%, and is one of three possible runes (varies from player to player). The final slot counts for 40% of the total amount of wax, and is randomly assigned to each player. If the player has a Runecrafting cape (or a max cape or completionist cape charged with a Runecrafting cape), they can right-click and then activate the cape to see what their daily best rune for slot 3 is.

Just because one of the possibilities is green on the second slot but a player chose the rune that is not green, it does not mean that the rune he/she chose will yield more vis wax than a rune that is not one of the possibilities. For example, say the possibilities of the second rune slot are Death, Soul and Blood. The highest vis wax yield that is not one of the three is Fire (same yield for everyone). A player chose Soul, but it is not green. Soul could either collect more yield than Fire or less.

If Goldberg is asked for help with the machine, he will suggest a particular rune which has been previously shown to him by another player. Be aware that this suggested rune can carry over from the previous day and may not be a good rune anymore if after trying the suggested rune and all combinations for the slots you still have a low amount try swapping the first rune for something else.

The profit (that is, the market value of the vis wax, minus the cost of the runes used) will be greater if experimenting with runes that are fairly cheap, even if you don't get a "100% match". As an extreme example, if the "perfect match" happens to be the three most expensive runes (see the GE prices, in the table above), you may end up spending more, in runes, than what you recover in vis wax. On the other hand, experimenting with combinations of only the six cheapest runes or so, you should be able to get an average profit of about 400k every day.


  • The name is a reference to Rube Goldberg machines, which are devices or contraptions set up to perform simple tasks in an overly complicated manner. One famous example of this sort of apparatus is the game Mouse Trap, where players can set up their own.

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